I Learned Something Today: Wrestlemania 2000

I have always loved pro wrestling. In fact, for a short time while in high school, I joined a backyard federation and remain undefeated to this day. I’ve thought about getting back in the ring to give it another go. My undefeated streak is sure to continue thanks to the lessons I learned from Wrestlemania 2000.

The Lessons of Wrestlemania 2000

  1. Taunt before you finish
  2. Reverse the reversal
  3. Be your own Superstar
  4. There’s no shame on the road to Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 2000

Taunt before you finish

I learned something today. I’m not much for trash talk. I like to prove my abilities on the court, field, or ring. Then everyone’ll know I’m the best there is, was, and ever will be. However, when you go one on one with great ones, you need a little extra juice (not steroids, I don’t want to run afoul of the WWE’s Wellness Policy) to go the extra mile. That juice is the rush you get from the crowd when you taunt your opponent. What is better than beating the crap out of your arch rival and then giving him the middle finger or mimicking a slash of the throat with your thumb? That taunt will allow you to pull off your finishing move and end the match. Adding insult to injury is always the way to prove your point. It might get you a title shot. Thanks, Wrestlemania 2000.

Reverse the reversal

I learned something today. To be successful in the wrestling industry, you have to be able to pull off a plethora of moves, be a great talker, and ooze charisma. While those things are very important in order to become a champion, you’ll also need to learn the fine art of the reversal. Matches can’t be won without it. If your opponent is constantly attacking, you’ll need a way to change your fortune. If he sets you up for a powerbomb, turn it into a back body drop. If he tries to pull off a suplex, block it and suplex him instead. Timing is everything. Friendship is nothing. Thanks, Wrestlemania 2000.

Be your own Superstar

Stone Cold Stunner


I learned something today. They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery. There are many instances of imitation in pro wrestling as well. The Renegade in WCW was a poor rip-off of Ultimate Warrior. Hell, after Diesel and Razor Ramon left the WWF, fake versions of them showed up there a few weeks later. Instead of taking on the persona of someone already on the roster, it’s time to create a whole new persona. Not only can you choose your ring attire and your entrance music, you can also choose what name you want to go by. While that stuff is important, you need to come up with a set of moves that can take you to the very top of this business. Choose carefully. A great finisher can be your legacy. A bad one can spell your doom. Thanks, Wrestlemania 2000.

There’s no shame on the road to Wrestlemania

I learned something today. The road to Wrestlemania is paved with bodies. You have to be the one to pave the road. By climbing turnbuckles, ladders, and cages you will prepare yourself for the granddaddy of them all. You’ll be a curtain jerking mid-carder until you have a feud that gets the crowd behind you. If you have to throw a tag team partner into a plate glass window, you get the job done. If you have to sell your soul to the Million Dollar Man, there should be no hesitation. If you want to represent your country of origin and carry around a 2 x 4, you take a hacksaw to your competition. You have to do all these things to main event Wrestlemania. You might even have to make out with some octogenerians. Thanks, Wrestlemania 2000.


There are many things and people who can get in your way of become a champion. Don’t let anyone underestimate your abilities in and out of the ring and soon you’ll be breaking through the glass ceiling. Thanks, video games.

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