Legend of Grimrock Opens Its Dungeons on April 11th

Finnish indie developer Almost Human’s throwback RPG Legend of Grimrock has a release date, shiny new trailer and a pre-order discount:

Legend of Grimrock

Don't forget to bring a few sheets of grid paper.

Fans of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, mark April 11th down as a sick day. Legend of Grimrock looks like a proper modern RPG from the screenshots, but when you see it in action its roots become apparent. The combat takes place in real-time, however the movment is grid-based like those RPG’s of yore. You create a party of four adventurers and crawl the depths of Mount Grimrock’s dungeons and catacombs. There are traps, hidden switches, puzzles and all the other savory tropes fans of the genre expect to see.

You can pre-order the game on the official website or gog.com for $11.99 (regular price $14.99). A steam release has been announced as well.


Legend of Grimrock Website