Hey! Watch! Someone Else is Excited for Resident Evil 6

Had we been in the same room when the trailer was played, a hole would have been torn in the time space continuim.

When Resident Evil 6 was first announced, I almost pooped my pants due to the extreme level of excitement taking over most of my nervous system. This was short-lived however as I couldn’t find many people to share in my celebratory fist pumping at the news that Leon and Chris would be at it again. Too much critical analysis of the trailer, not enough blind faith and so, to say my happy jigs were underwhelming would be an understatement. It was a sad day for internet high fives in the Moses household.

Had I run across the reaction video of Mr. xNOBLEWOLFx to the newest sequel in the beloved franchise, I’d have at least known that somewhere, out there, there was someone else just as excited (if not more so) than I was at the announcement. My frown has been turned upside down and I can safely say that the potential for pants pooping is back…Resident Evil 6 WILL be awesome!


xNOBLEWOLFx on Youtube