The Art of Video Games Exhibit at the Smithsonian is Now Open through September

The Art of Video Games The Art of Video Games exhibit launched last week at the Smithsonian American Art Museum after years of hard work and preparation bringing to light the legitimacy of videos games as art into the direct view of gamers and non-gamers alike. Despite what your opinion may be of the modern entertainment medium rubbing elbows with the likes of Picasso, Rembrandt and da Vinci, the exhibition was meticulously assembled to illustrate the artistic path of games over the course of 40 years and has made a believer out of more than a few skeptics (including myself). The exhibition will be at the Smithsonian until September 30, 2012 and from there will go on a nationwide tour starting  October 24 at the Boca Raton Museum of Art (check the link below for more locations and dates). Horrible Night had the opportunity to speak with curator Chris Melissinos last year and got the inside scoop on everything from the voting process and the group of industry professionals that made up the selection committee to what made him so passionate about highlighting the artistic merit of games.

The Art of Video Games Podcasts from Horrible Night


Smithsonian American Art Museum