Your Android is Too Cocky, Show It Some Humility with Humble Indie Bundle #2

Humble Bundle Android

Androids are people too...mostly

Those who thought the geniuses over at Humble Bundle were playing favorites with the PC may be shocked to find out that the second bundle made specifically for Android smart devices is available for savvy gamers who are too busy to play cheap games at home. This means that you didn’t know about the previous Humble Bundle, thus proving you’re out of touch with what’s cool in this world. Instead of slobbering all over yourself in embarrassment and self-pity, why not go and pick up this pack of gaming goodness. Not only is it cheap, it also benefits Child’s Play. That’s a great thing!

The bundle or “action pack” as I like to refer to it, includes Cogs, Zen Bound 2, Canabalt, Avadon: The Black Fortress and a bonus game (Swords and Soldiers) should you pay more than $5.79. I’m a fan of both Zen Bound 2 and Canabalt as well as Swords and Soldiers (though I’m sure Cogs and Avadon are tight too). Like usual, you get to name your price but these games are worth well more than the average listed, so be a bro and  toss in a bit extra. You may have less booze money but that’s a small price to pay for the happiness of future generations.


Humble Bundle