Hey! Play! Bored to Death

Bored to Death

Is that otter on my side?

The battle against boredom is timeless, but I never thought it could actually kill you. Bored to Death takes the Marshmallow People on a beat ’em up adventure against boredom. The goal is simple, punch and kick everything and everyone you see, no matter how cute they are, to stave off boredom for as long as possible. Along the way your “enemies” will drop special items that may or may not help in your “quest.” Setting innocents on fire or calling in an otter to vomit rainbows all over the screen postpone the inevitable in humorous fashion.

Bored to DeathWe also have to put a bit of a proud disclaimer here as two of Horrible Night’s own, Andrew Cooper and Alex Porter worked on the development team at Bradley & Montgomery that developed this game. Bored to Death was built in HTML5 utilizing the Impact JavaScript engine. Let the guys know what you think of the game and if it helped you fight boredom.



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