Watch and Play the Air Buccaneers HD Alpha

Air Buccaneers HD

Baron Munchausen DLC forthcoming.

Ludocraft have released a new gameplay trailer for Air Buccaneers HD, the successor to my favorite UT2004 mod involving multiplayer Pirates vs. Vikings airship battles.

The video will give you a taste of what the ship battles look like, as you can see fully-crewed dirigibles broad siding each other out of the sky. I can attest to the satisfaction one gets from successfully obliterating an enemy vessel via teamwork and tactical maneuvers.

The game isn’t easy. It also doesn’t do much to reward the actions of lone wolves. But, boy, when you get a crew that communicates well and knows what they’re doing, you can rule the skies.

You can pre-order the game from the official website and receive access to all the pre-release versions of the game and access all of the features, or you can download the current Alpha right now for free.


Air Buccaneers HD Website