You’re Hired! Mojang Picks Up Minecraft Mod Makers

Don’t you just wish that your favorite game developer or producer would one day realize your excellent ideas which would take their wildly popular game to the next level and hire you? I’ve had those visions. Unfortunately, no one’s ever taken me up on my co-op RPG adventure about a cat and a dog who fight undead dinosaur aliens from Mars. That sure didn’t stop the developers from Bukkit, a popular source for Minecraft mods, from reaching that dream. Now Warren Loo, Erik Broes, Nathan Adams and Nathan Gilbert will be getting some green while living the dream. Writer’s Note: I am not proud of that line.

The Bukkit Team

I know you might be thinking, “lucky bastards,” but there are some really great benefits coming to the Minecraft community. Loo writes that they will be reorganizing the Minecraft API and making it public with the goal of providing official support for mods. A dedicated team for this sort of thing can only mean one thing: more awesome stuff for Minecraft modders and players out there. There will be an official support layer for mods which will open the door for new mod opportunities out there.

Congratulations to the Bukkit team, and if you get a chance, slip my idea to every developer you can find. Just kidding. Way to go!


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