Horrible Night is Heading to the Louisville Arcade Expo

Louisville Arcade Expo

The word arcade brings back fond memories to the gamers of yester year, memories of a time when high score supremacy was dictated by a handful of quarters and the ability to find a ride to the local mall. While it’s nice to be able to play from  the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing quite like getting a high five from a stranger after you make it to the kill screen on Donkey Kong. Nostalgic old timers rejoice, The Louisville Arcade Expo has awakened from its year long slumber  to take you on a magical journey back to your greatest years of pre-pubescence.

The Louisville Arcade Expo is a conglomeration of all things retro gaming, with an emphasis on arcade and pinball machines. A concert by Mega Ran with Willie Evans Jr. and Rick Henry will essentially kick off the expo on Friday at 8pm but the special events won’t stop there. Saturday will feature seminars by Derek Fugate, Mark Alpiger and Mike Mills as well as a couple of costume contests and the start of the many tournaments that will close out on Sunday. This definitely isn’t your grandma’s arcade expo (ring toss is so nineteen hundred and late).

Horrible Night will be  heading down to the expo on Friday to cover the event but with all the machines set to “free play” the possibility of distraction is quite high. Regardless, we’re excited to revel in all the festivities and meet with gamers whose affinity for the medium began at a time when a “noob” was a person who couldn’t get past the first screen of Pac-Man.

The event runs on Friday March 2nd from 2pm to 12am, Saturday March 3rd from 10am till 12am and Sunday March 4th from 10am to 4pm. Admission at the door is $15.00 or a weekend pass can be purchased for $35.00 (pre-registration is currently closed).


Louisville Arcade Expo 2012