Nexuiz Developers Walkthrough Winning Killing Strategies


I could use a good killing spree.

I have a special place in my heart for chaotic, deathmatch-focused multiplayer games. While I enjoy them, they are not only difficult to play but it is also difficult to differentiate them from them each other. When I saw Nexuiz get announced for consoles (Xbox Live Arcade release is this Wed, Feb 29), exciting Quake 3 memories started flooding my brain. But what is Nexuiz and what the hell is going on in this shooter? Illfonic walks/runs us through the game with some strategies that may help you out this Wednesday:

While the original Nexuiz is a open-source Quake mod, this paid version of Nexuiz is actually running on the CryENGINE 3. Nexuiz is a part of the 2012 Xbox Live Arcade House Party, but PC/Steam and PSN releases have also been announced for the future.


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