Shiniest Objects: Seaman Joke

So it turns out that the 3DS is doing just fine. Fine enough for an old friend to swim its way to the system and for demons to invade your brain. Didn’t follow that? You may be more interested in Syndicate reviews as they are making about as much sense. The Horrible Night writers were a bit retro, a bit apologetic, and a bit scared. Emotional week for sure.

Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry. Some make it on the site as headlines, and the articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed on our Horrible Night Newswire Google+ Page. Every Monday we recap the shiniest of the objects, and our original articles from the previous week.

Horrible Objects

Last Week’s Headlines


3D and in your face.

23 headlines distracted us and here’s the best from that list:

NBA Live 13 Returns This Fall – GameInformer
“Back to Live, eh.”

Dreamcast’s Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA/PSN – Joystiq
“There’s a Dreamcast title I’m actually excited to play again.”

Brain Age Returns With a Demonic Twist – Wired
“Demon training for your brain!”

The Last Story coming to Wii this year – Shacknews
“The new contender for last best game to get on the Wii.”

The Secret World launches June 19 – Destructoid
“So we won’t see any of Ethan in July.”

Syndicate Review – Giant Bomb
“Wow. May need to give this one a second look.”

WWE WrestleFest on iOS today, coming to XBLA, PSN, PC, Android in 2012 – Joystiq
“Who cares if it is in any good, it’s Wrestlefest!”

Humble Bundle Mojam Raises Nearly $500K for Charity – GamePolitics
“Congrats again to the Humble Bundle teams.”

Nikkei: Seaman finds new life on the 3DS – Joystiq
“This makes me pretty damn happy.”

3DS Shatters Japanese Record – Fastest System to Hit 5 Million Sales – RipTen
“News of my failure was greatly exaggerated.”