Are Video Games to Blame for Youth’s Meme Nightmare?


Poses for Reader's Digest, Life Goes To Hell

Everybody already knows the rumors about video games potentially leading to violence or obesity, but the digital enterteinment medium can now add potential for meme infamy to the list as well.

The name Griffin Kiritsy may not ring a bell, but after casually mentioning his interest in Halo to Reader’s Digest, his life was turned upside down when the resulting photograph taken by the magazine transformed into The College Freshman Meme.

He recently took to Reddit forums to answer questions and revealed the events that led to his fame.

It was an interview for Reader’s Digest I did as a freshman. The topic was people that are in touch with technology, and since I played Halo and had a laptop and a Sidekick, I was allegedly in touch with technology. The caption under the photo was something like “College freshman Griffin Kiritsy… blah blah” and it went on Reader’s Digest online, and subsequently entered into the web forever.

This is yet another example of out-of-touch media outlets such as Reader’s Digest putting innocent gamers in the crosshairs of a society that is not quite ready to accept the medium as totally mainstream. Mr. Kiritsy may have taken the whole thing in jest, but who knows what could happen if Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living stumble across someone with a Nintendo 3DS (which happens to be the best selling, most popular handheld gaming platform of all time)?