Shiniest Objects: Zombie Cowboys Use Their Real Names

Every day, Horrible Night is on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry to pass along to you with our unique take. The articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed which can be viewed here (or on the sidebar of the site) and subscribed to here. Each week we will be recapping the shiniest of the objects, while looking for your feedback so that you can help us define what type of gaming news is the most interesting.

After a much needed day off after the holiday weekend, we are ready for some gaming. So let’s dive into the news highlights from last week to get caught up.

Tell us what we missed and what we got right with the wrong opinion.

South Park WoW

21 headlines distracted us last week, in reverse chronological order here’s the best from that list.

The Best Games Of 2010 So Far (According To Review Scores) [Metacritic] – Kotaku
Whoa, Bayonetta outta nowhere. I should finish that crazy game.

Review: Crackdown 2 – Destructoid
This is why I love Destructoid. Don’t piss them off by making a bad game. It’ll hurt.

Destination Arcade: New Xbox Live Arcade ‘visual browser’ – Joystiq
I like where this is headed. Hopefully, they can incorporate alerts into this somehow so I know more about what my friends like.

DJ Hero not a flop after all; 1.2 million sales since launch – Ars Technica
Don’t take my DJ away.

Worms 2: Armageddon ‘Battle Pack’ DLC Released – Shacknews
Time to get back into Worms, it’s a yearly tradition.

Penny Arcade Expo East Inks Deal For Three Years in Boston [Pax] – Kotaku
More PAX is always a good thing.

Dead Space 2 Prequel Game Announced – Shacknews
What sucker would buy this? This one right here.

Dragon Age 2: New Game, New Hero [Cover Story] – Kotaku
You knew it was coming, but seriously, that’s fast.

Rockstar reveals extensive Red Dead Redemption DLC plans – Destructoid
Because the game wasn’t big enough and needed zombies. Haha. Seriously though, I’m excited. More Red Dead is a good thing.

Assassin’s Creed May Take A Year Off After Ezio’s End [Ubisoft] – Kotaku
Best rumor I’ve heard all day.

Blizzard Backs Off Proposed Real Name Forum Policy – G4
Real ID is still an interesting concept. I’m on the fence as accountability will reduce the amount of douchebags in game/forums, but it shouldn’t be required.