Just 5 More Minutes: Rhythm Heaven Fever Saved Valentines Day

Rhythm Heaven Fever

This muscley man is how I felt when I saw her face after she opened the game.

My girlfriend and I had recently discussed our loathing for Valentine’s Day and so we decided not to do anything special for it and just treat it as a normal day. That being said, I couldn’t help but want to do something special for her after seeing everyone on my Facebook wall doing sweet things for their loved ones.

I remembered that Rhythm Heaven Fever was coming out and the various gaming media were touting its glory and that my girlfriend LOVED the Rhythm Heaven game for the DS. In a spur of the moment decision, I bought the game and delivered it to her by coming home early and surprising her. She was stunned and embarrassed because she had also been working on a drawing for me for Valentine’s, despite our mutual agreement to do nothing.

I sit here now on the couch next to her laughing, smiling and yelling her way through another simple-yet-amazing game for the Wii. Rhythm Heaven Fever is pure genius. Its simple gameplay (you only have to press two buttons), catchy melodies, and amazing art direction has left me completely satisfied with my purchase (it’s 30 bucks, too, that’s hard to pass up).

You have no idea how fun and frustrating this game is until you actually play it. I am having trouble writing this blog post to get it Horrible Night right now because I keep interrupting myself to tear the controller out of my girlfriend’s hand and try to oust her previous high score.

Go buy this game if you have a Wii. It’s an essential game for the Wii’s library. So I’m just going to leave it at that. I have played this game with my girlfriend for 4 hours straight and it doesn’t look like we are stopping anytime soon.

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