Reign of Thunder from MechAssault Developer Gives Hope for Dwindling Mech Population

Reign of Thunder

Soon, these beasts will no longer need to lurk in the darkness

The flow of mechanized combat simulators slowed quite a bit in the last few years, with the once  popular genre of games going the way of the black bear due to a combination of lack of interest and over hunting. Once thought near extinction, there seems to be hope for a spike in the mech game population due to the concentrated efforts of mech game conservationists, mainly developers like Day 1 Studios who cut its mech teeth with the MechAssault series.

Day 1 is currently working on a “free to play” mech title called Reign of  Thunder in hopes of releasing it to the wild this year, thus sparking a further increase in the mech games populace that once roamed the countryside in the olden days. The game looks to feature everything we’ve grown to love about mech games, things like mechs, combat, explosions and customization. People freaking love customization. Details are limited, but the trailer looks pretty dang exciting and way more high paced than I’m used to with this sort of title (which is awesome). Even if you aren’t into that sort of experience, at least feel happy that such a dignified creature is finally making a comeback.


Reign of Thunder