Hey! Watch! Animals are Bad at Video Games

Animals and video games.

How can you be my best friend and not be able to play games?

I love my pet cats Scuffles and Snuggles, but am well ware that they are basically idiots when it comes to participating in human activities. Fortunately for me, they understand this too and stick to licking their private parts and sleeping.

Some animals, however, aren’t quite as self-aware and continually embarrass themselves by attempting act like people. As the following clips will demonstrate, this is never more evident than when animals try to play video games.

Look at this monkey playing angry birds on an iPad and basically sucking at life. The doofus can’t even get out of the menu. I can’t believe we sent these morons into space, good thing they weren’t members of the Apollo 13 crew or else that movie may not have had such a happy ending.

Following suit with another iPad example, watch this cat set an all time low score in Fruit Ninja. I can’t believe this dingleberry is a distant relative of lions and tigers.

Finally, this dog is so dumb that he completely misunderstands the concept of the Kinect and its ability to detect movement. That dog doesn’t respect infrared technology. By the end of the video, he wants to actually play a real game as opposed to miming the action of one. Hooked on Phonics did NOT work for you bro.

So the next time some crazy vegan tells you that you shouldn’t eat animals because they’re intelligent lifeforms, challenge his ferret to a game of Tetris, then eat the little weasel when he fails to achieve victory.



5 Comments Hey! Watch! Animals are Bad at Video Games

  1. moses5885

    i cant believe the complete lack of respect for animals. they do so much for us and when they read this article their hearts will be broken.

  2. Aaron McNeal

    My dogs are pretty dumb back-up dancers in Dance Central 2. They bring the whole crew down and I keep voting them out, but they outnumber me! Idiots!

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