Hey! Watch! Sequelitis and the Genius of Mega Man X

SequelitisThere are a lot of different ways to cover retro video games. Most of which choose to be either entertaining or informative. Pulling off both takes a talent that rarely rises above the noise of the internet. Egoraptor’s Sequelitis series is clearly influenced from some of the best video reviews as well as the more effective humor infused opinion pieces around. However, I’ve never seen the level the rapid fire sarcasm next to spot-on analysis work so well together since my first exposure to Zero Punctuation.

While I obviously also enjoyed Egoraptor’s Castlevania videos, the Mega Man Classic vs Mega Man X video (below) made me completely reconsider the evolution of that series. It also prompted me to immediately go home and play Mega Man X which speaks for itself.

Fair warning that Egoraptor videos do feature adult language.


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2 Comments Hey! Watch! Sequelitis and the Genius of Mega Man X

  1. Copperskull

    Coincidentally, I was just discussing this very same Mega Man X video in a live stream with some friends last night. Good show. Good show, indeed.

  2. Copperskull

    I just visited the Playstation site and egoraptor is actually on Playstation’s The Tester this season. Pretty interesting.

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