3DS Drops to $150 at Gamestop through Feb 12


Just pretend it is hot.

Gamestop is dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS from $170 to $150 until the 12th of this month, in advance of the US Playstation Vita launch.

Video Game Writers reports that the promotion was initiated by Nintendo, which is why the price drop is only temporary. This shot across Sony’s bow coincides with the February 10th release of the Pearl Pink 3DS.

With this week’s release of Resident Evil Revelations and the upcoming MGS 3D Snake Eater, I’m going to have a hard time not spending some of my precious tax refund on a 3DS. The only question is which color to pick. With the glossy, fingerprint collecting coating on the system, I want to avoid dark colors.

Maybe I’ll just get Pearl Pink. It’s not like the system will leave my bathroom anyways.


Video Game Writers