I Learned Something Today: Skyrim is Not Meant To Be

Sometimes the world isn’t fair. There are things that happen that can’t be controlled. Whether it be something in game or an outside source, your whole experience can be ruined in a short period of time. Thanks to the time I’ve spent playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I have learned many a lesson about what can happen to ruin your game experiences.

 The Lessons of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  1. Sometimes, things just freeze
  2. Beware of furry friends
  3. Always be saving

Sometimes, things just freeze

I learned something today. If you ever come upon a seemingly abandoned fort on a journey, don’t let your curiosity overpower your sense of danger. It won’t turn out well. Just the other day I was making my way across the land on a quest to seek out some sort of Elder guys who know how to shout when I came across this fort. There was a novice lady mage on the outside shooting magic at me. I didn’t know what I did to deserve this, so I smote her ass where she stood. Then I started receiving warnings from another mage who stood watch above the entrance of the fort. Not listening to his idiotic phrasing of words, he started firing magic in my direction as well. I killed him and thought I was done with the dirtbag mages. Then, I entered a doorway to douche-mage town. Mages all around me with different abilities. I was swinging my sword left and right, tearing shit up when all of the sudden…             Thanks, Skyrim.

Beware of furry friends


Before the cat became the game ender she is today.

I learned something today. Before setting off on an epic journey of girl-getting and world saving, proper preparation is a must. That being said, sometimes an outside entity will affect what you are trying to accomplish. It might be a phone call, a wife, a child, or a cool TV show you got sucked into when you switched the input on the TV during a load screen. Those things will inevitably become a factor when you set off to save the world, even for the fifth time. However, there is one magical creature that you cannot prepare yourself for: a crazy four-legged obligate carnivore known as Felis catus. Not only do they have the ability to tear up furniture with their claws, they can also successfully remove electrical plugs from outlets when you haven’t saved your game in over an hour. Thanks, stupid cat, for ruining Skyrim.

I really need a quick save

I learned something today. I’m a huge idiot sometimes. Ok, that’s not something I just learned today. It’s something I have known for a long time. Ever since I gave up the PC gamer lifestyle, I lost the ability to save quickly and often. Since choosing the Microsoft home gaming console as my system of choice, I don’t really think about saving that often. I usually only save when I adventure upon a glowing signpost or I’m about to quit out of the game. In an open world game, the ability to save basically wherever I want always slips my mind. That’s why I need a controller button press for a quick save. Though I’d probably forget to use that one too. Thanks, Skyrim.


Game glitches, cats, and my own stupidity never amounts to a good gaming experience. I just hope that some of the pain I’ve endured while playing Skyrim can be a learning tool for those of you about to jump into the game. Don’t make the same mistakes I have made. Or you will start to regret your purchase. Thanks, video games.

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