Splash Damage (Brink Developer) Promises New Exciting Titles

Paul Wedgewood, CEO and game director of Splash Damage, the developer behind the FMP (Frustrating Multiplayer) Brink, is promising big things to fans in 2012. In a letter on the Splash Damage website, he notes how much the industry has changed and is changing for more open online experiences. This has him pretty excited.

“We’ve enjoyed a fantastic first 10 years at Splash Damage and we’re looking forward to an even more exciting future. A huge part of this is due to you – our fans – so in this update, I’d like to give you a quick glimpse of what you can expect from us this year”. – Wedgewood

Splash Damage Team - Brink

Some hints he drops to his readers:

  • New talent and new hires
  • New games for PC and consoles
  • New games for “spaces completely new to us” (mobile or online?)

It will be interesting to see how Splash Damage does in those “new spaces”, and I am hoping for a rebound year after the disappointment in how Brink performed. After a slow start to 2012 for all of the gaming industry, I’m hoping that Splash Damage can make a…significant ripple…in the community.


Splash Damage Website

2 Comments Splash Damage (Brink Developer) Promises New Exciting Titles

  1. Justin Gifford

    A significant ripple? Really? You listened to the podcast from last night and, more specifically, Ethan, didn’t you? For shame.

    But seriously, I always wish a developer well when they’ve struggled (well, most of the time), so I hope Splash Damage can turn something awesome out.

  2. Brandon Coppernoll

    Ha! The shoe is on the other foot, so they say, because I had not listened to the podcast yet (listening now).

    Now for a more serious statement, if something I’ve said in this article sounds dangerously close to Ethan, then there’s something darker afoot.

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