REPLY TO ALL: Step Up to 2012

No rest for the your game library this week: What games are you looking forward to in the first quarter of this year? Anything standing out or are the releases disappointing?

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Mass Effect 3


JP (JPizzle151)
I guess I’ll be the one to start the first Mass Effect 3 discussion of 2012…

Rob (Robeque)
IF they actually release Wrecked in the first quarter THEN I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been looking forward to and expecting that release for a year or more, though…

I’m sort-of looking forward to Soul Calibur V coming out later this month. I’ve always been a SC guy (though I wouldn’t say that I’m great at it.) I just really like the non-button-mashy-ness and weapons focus of it. Blocking is more skillful than just walking backwards. I think it’s a solid and fun fighter.

I still need to finish Mass Effect 2, sadly. I don’t know why I haven’t played that more. I probably will once 3 comes out. It took 2 coming out for me to burrow through the first one, and I loved it.

Brandon (H21)
I was really looking forward to the Silent Hill HD collection before it got moved to March. There really aren’t a ton of games in the first quarter beyond the obvious of Mass Effect 3. Which is both good and bad I guess.

Rob (Robeque)
I hear ya… I don’t really need anything new to play right now. Between Skyrim, my already too long backlog need to finish and need to play, and the Steam winter sale… I’m set for just about the rest of my life.

I had a small technical issue with memory and lost a lot of data on saved games, including the near 40 hours put into Skyrim. It was a sad and infuriating moment. I have a lot to get back to now. So between all the fall and winter games that I have yet to beat or need to beat again I’m probably set. Also, don’t tell anyone this, but I may have also splurged a bit on PC games (SHOCKER) this holiday season too so I’m probably pretty well off as well.

Justin L (JDevL)
Brandon, are you not picking up Silent Hill at all then?

I am, but that just means for a couple more months I’ll be unlikely to buy anything new unless something jumps out at me. I mean, there’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare which has me intrigued, but I want to know more before buying into it. I fear that it might lose a lot of the horror atmosphere and try to do too much action. I’m also unsure about I Am Alive and the others from the house party.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Also Energizer's Nightmare

Nothing will be able to keep me away from healthy doses of Silent Hill once again. Pyramid Head will be back to haunt my nightmares.

Justin L
I’m really curious about the House Party line up. Those games could be extraordinary or terrible.

I’d consider FF XIII-2 if I still didn’t have XIII to finish first. That is probably a blessing in disguise considering my bloated backlog and 16 credit hours this semester. There’s always summer to spend inside catching up on the backlog right?

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)
I’m definitely backlogged and won’t pick it up right away, but I’m pretty excited for The Darkness II. The first was fantastic, and demo at PAX definitely sealed the deal. They changed enough of the gameplay mechanics and art style that I think it’ll feel like it’s own game as opposed to just an extension of the original.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)
I agree, The Darkness II looks pretty freaking cool and I am definetely excited to doing some twisting of metal on Valentine’s Day (hope the wife is ok with that). However, the game series that got me hooked is peaking it’s head out of the shadows in the form of a tactical shooter and I can’t ignore my excitement for Operation Raccoon City. I love that fictional little town and have been ready to revisit it since playing Resident Evil: Nemisis about a billion times. Don’t be mistaken, I really want a concentional RE game to come out soon, but I think that Operation RC’s deviation from the usual RE recipe is appropriate as there’s no confusion as to what that game is, unlike RE 4 and 5.

Josh (Joshleedotcom)
Twisted Metal, bitches. The multiplayer looks really fun. Also, I haven’t really played a TM game since 2.

I’m also excited to check out the new Jagged Alliance game. I sucked at JA2 pretty bad, but if this game follows the trend of making games easier for idiots like me then I might have a chance to enjoy Back in Action.

Justin G (GiffTor)
As far as I’m concerned (and I know this comes as a huge surprise), there is one game coming out in the first quarter: Mass Effect 3. I still need to get my “perfect” Shepard ready, so I guess I need to finish that Insane playthrough that’s been sitting idle. I mean, yeah, there are other neat games coming out but…look, it’s the sequel to my favorite game of all time; nothing else matters.

Justin L
Dammit, I forgot The Darkness II comes out this early. February doesn’t leave me much time to get caught up on my queue. But here we go. Anyway, I played the game at PAX and it felt and looked great. It moved to a different developer so I had my concerns, but my hopes are high for this one.

The Darkness II

The Darkness just wants your head.

I hope we can actually get a Twisted Metal multiplayer crew together. I’m not sure I’ve gotten to play with anyone other than Cole on the PS3. So it is well over due.

I’m officially worried about Mass Effect 3, but you better believe that’s my surefire preorder. I hope Bioware wraps the Shepard trilogy as tightly and as memorable as possible. I’d also be ok if my Game of the Year 2012 was settled this early in the year.

I haven’t played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2, therefore, my chub is under control when it comes to 3. Twisted Metal is one of those games that I wish I liked more. I feel like it’s supposed to be cool, but it always bored me. I think i just expect it to be more than it is. Either that or I need to play it with more people I know.

Justin G
As much as I hate for you to miss ME1, ME2 is so good. You’re missing out.

James (Copperskull)
I haven’t considered picking up anything in the first quarter. There are a few games I’d like to try out, but nothing strikes me as an immediate buy.

Of course Mass Effect 3 is a game that will find its way into my library, but probably not during the first quarter. I’m too far behind in the 1 & 2 story and I picked both of them up at a pretty decent discount, so I’m expecting to do the same with 3.

I have some interest in the new Twisted Metal. There is a bit of nostalgia to it since I played the hell out of 1, 2, and 3. I’ve also yet to have a great online experience on the PS3 since my entire PS3 library is single player. This might be the game to pop my PSN cherry. I might be looking to rent this one first as long as it doesn’t feature some sort of online pass (Does anyone know?). Either way it’s not in my plans to pick it up at full price.

Twisted Metal

I think you're being followed.

I haven’t been paying much attention to what downloadable games are coming out this quarter, but Amy was just released on Xbox Live for only 800 points and I’m downloading the demo right now. I’ve heard the reviews have been less than kind, but if they game piques my interest enough, it might be worth the $10.

Aaron (BGRadio)
A stupid joke of mine is that I keep thinking there’s not much I want in 2012, but that is so wrong. After playing the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo, I’ve broken down and preordered it. I couldn’t even finish the first game before moving on, but I have a lot more confidence in the setup now. I’ve got my eye on The Darkness 2, especially if there’s a good deal or I decide to rent. I had a good time biting off faces the first time and wouldn’t mind seeing if a sequel holds up. Obviously, the main event is Mass Effect 3 and I’d slap the Queen of England (sorry, Liz) to get my hands on a copy right now.

Other titles will get their time in the spotlight at some point. Snowboarding in SSX, slicing my enemies with Ninja Gaiden 3… 2012 has plenty of software to keep me busy.

Cole (Colefacekilla)
I think I’m looking forward to Twisted Metal the most. From what I’ve seen of the multiplayer it looks fantastic and I remember having some fantastic battles back in the day with the Moses’ brothers as well as Justin L. in Twisted Metal Black. That being said, Mass Effect 3. That’s definitely a day one purchase and might put everything else on the back burner for awhile. I love the series and can’t wait to see how they wrap it up. Hopefully Justin L’s fears are unfounded because he’s starting to get me a little worried as well.

I need some motivation to finish ME2. There’s no way I’m going to start 3 before I do.

Does cool stuff happen in the latter half of the game?

Yes. Cool stuff happens. You may proceed.

Justin L
Josh the final mission of ME2 is worth the price of admission for the entire game.

You can potentially have sexual relations with Miranda. That’s all the motivation you should need. Lacey’s launch concerns are 100% justified. If you can name a AAA EA game that had a smooth launch in 2011, then we shouldn’t be worried.

Speaking of EA, Lacey’s drunken PAX report on SSX has me excited. I hope they release a demo because if that game is anything like the older games, I’m sold. I may wait a while pick that one up.


I still think all snowboarding games should come with a free case of Mountain Dew.

Speaking of demos, Aaron has me nervous about XIII-2. If that demo shows any growth in that series I may have to choke down the rest of XIII like a plate of liver and onions so I can move on to the next one.

Just so everyone is clear. He is talking about Mass Effect’s Miranda. Not H’s Miranda. Carry on.

Justin G
More importantly, he’s not talking about the planet Miranda.

I do have a soft spot for SSX, but I haven’t played it since Tricky on the GameCube.

Justin L
I forgot about SSX (probably for the reason you mentioned), but I’ll definitely be taking to the slopes on that one. I don’t think it will be perfect, but it played enough like the older SSX games that I need it in my game library. Also, that would be a nice change of pace for our multiplayer lineup.

For all the positive feelings I had about the XIII-2 demo, I don’t know if there’s any force on the planet that could convince me to choke down XIII. Plot summaries, one of a gamer’s best friends. While the demo’s level isn’t drastically different from XIII’s hours of linear corridor-navigating, preview articles are saying there’s more freedom of exploration in the full release from the start. Plus I really want to keep this pattern of playing highly-customizable RPGs going.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

I'm just going to assume this screenshot is representative of the game.

Since died, what site do you guys use for your master release list?

I don’t check release dates, they check me.

Justin L
I miss I actually end up checking multiple sites that are a combination of blogs and retailers and coming up with my own opinion on which one is the true date. Someone should fix that problem.

So, our list could be missing some important games, but we wouldn’t know it because we have to use Gamestop and Ed’s tumblr to compile it.

Justin G
I got back into ME2 last night. Have to train up for ME3 in March!

I’ll probably wait until March when I see how awesome ME3 looks, and that will motivate me to drop everything else and finish ME2.

Also…I’m too lazy to read back through… did anyone mention / have any interest in Borderlands 2?

Last I heard there’s been no definitive release date but most likely not int he first quarter.

Oh ok… I just saw a pre-order card for it at Target last night that read March 2012 and it made me wonder.

That’s where I get all my gaming news… browsing the aisles at my local Target store.


When you're done, come over to my place, I could use a janitor like you.

A while back, I had my eye on Dustforce, but I had completely forgotten about it until @meanderingleaf mentioned it in a tweet to us. There’s a lot more information on it now and I love a good 2D platformer. It actually should be coming out on Steam around the same time this hits the site.

I see you’re a big fan of The Horrible Show, James.

I played the Choplifter HD trial last night and really enjoyed it. The game is very nostalgic for me and a lot of fun. It makes me wish a Desert Strike remake was in the cards.

Regardless of Josh Lee’s doubts, my hopes are still high for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. While I don’t think it will be on the epic scale of Skyrim, the fact that the game is taking gameplay cues from The Elder Scrolls with open character classes and a huge world has me curious. It doesn’t hurt that the game is third person and combat focused (two of the only weak points of Skyrim). I’ve been clamoring for an engaging third person action rpg since Dungeon Siege III and War in the North fell a bit flat. Here’s hoping Kingdoms of Amalur starts off with a bang.

Well I Reckon it has potential. Open character classes is always a big plus in my book. I haven’t seen anything overly convincing so far, though, and it’s not really on my list.

Justin G
I don’t think it’s going to suck, but that’s just me being contrary. Other than that? I won’t be buying it in Q1 with Mass Effect 3 coming out and Skyrim still haunting me from the wings. Sorry, but my priorities are set and I don’t Reckon they’re likely to change.




That about covers it, I think the most frustrating part is there is still no go to source for hard release dates so that we can budget properly. We could all be in trouble if a few games slip or rumors of early releases turn out to be true. What will you be picking up?

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