Noby Noby Boy Has Reached Uranus

Noby Noby Boy

It is more comfortable than you'd think.

I present to you the latest achievement of the Noby Noby Boy community. A community that at this point that has to be just about as unique as the game itself. 3 years after the release of this odd PSN exclusive title by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, people are still stretching and pulling on Noby Noby Boy. Boy has been stretches so far that the total length has surpassed the distance between Earth and Uranus. That result means that in short: Girl has reached Uranus.

I can let that be the end of this story for you as it is potentially better than having it explained for you. But for those curious, read on after the video of the milestone itself:

Here’s how all of this started just about 3 years go: While most of us in early 2009 were still just poking and prodding at Noby Noby Boy to try and figure out what kind of game it was, Takahashi had a bit of a surprise brewing. 4 days after Noby Noby Boy’s release, Girl reached the Moon. We came to find out that this meant players had stretched Noby Noby Boy a total of 400 million meters. This total distance enabled Noby Noby Girl to stretch all the way from Earth to the Moon and unlock a new level for all players. After visiting other planets along her way, now over 1,000 days later Girl has reached Uranus and unlocked another free level for everyone.

What lies beyond Neptune for our Girl? Will Pluto still exist? Will players keep playing long enough for us to reveal all of the secrets of the universe? I’m going to say yes or Takahashi should reveal the secrets himself when/if the game is ever shut down.