Game Time for the End Times – The Horrible Show #301 Live

The Horrible ShowJustin, Cole, Ethan, Justin, and Josh aren’t too worried the predictions for 2012 as they have been training for the end of the world for years thanks to video games. They reveal the best games for keeping you alive after the end of days. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

This show was recorded live on Live podcasts are featured on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. You can check out the archived video here:


Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan, Justin G, Josh

00:25 – Intro
12:25 – Game Industry Shout-Outs
26:35 – Game Time for the End Times
28:25 – S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Civilization
52:56 – Ninja Gaiden, MGS3: Snake Eater, Mortal Kombat, Earthbound, Spore
1:14:22 – Resident Evil, Thief, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead
1:29:45 – Wrap-up
1:32:15 – Updates

Game Industry Shout Outs:

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3 Comments Game Time for the End Times – The Horrible Show #301 Live

  1. moses5885

    This was the funniest podcast you guys have had so far. I was laughing while driving down to evansville for work. New category of grimmys next year- best horrible show.

  2. moses5885

    Ethan- don’t clinch your fists too hard in your daily activities, you will hurt yourself

    -A concerned brother

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