Hey! Watch! Ohhhh Yeah! Skyrim in Real Life

Not only was Skyrim our favorite game of 2011, it seems like it was the popular choice. Some dudes in someplace thought it would be cool to take everyone’s favorite game and see what it would be like if the mechanics of the game were translated in the real world. This might be a little spoiler-y, but there are no dragons in this video.

Do come back.If you haven’t played the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series then you might not understand all the jokes contained within the video. But enjoy the weird store worker and stilted dialogue anyway. If you haven’t played any of Skyrim yet, go do so. Then go out and make your own video. But don’t feature any arrow to the knee jokes. You’ll be fired from the internet.

Bonus: Whoever made this next video needs to be hired from the internet and be employed forever. Take 2 parts Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP) and 1 part dragon from Skyrim and you get this:

This video creeped me out beyond belief but also made me “Be a Man.” Macho Man was awesome.



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