Horrible 2012 Changes and Live Show Tuesday

You may have noticed that a few things are a bit different around Horrible Night. Some may not be as obvious as a color change, but seriously, how about that color change? We refreshed our design for the first time since launch in hopes that it makes our content easier to read. The next step, over the next month, will be making further updates to help make it easier to find the content you are the most interested in.

Our content is also evolving. Our editorial series themselves are continuing to grow and, for the first few months at least, we are going to be featuring monthly themes for our original content. January kicks off with Gaming Regrets, so look to see at least one article or more a week related to the month’s topic of choice. These topics will also spill over into our podcasts.

The Horrible Show Live

It can be even more horrible.

Hear more and see more.

The first episode of the new season of The Horrible Show kicks off live on Tuesday at 8:30pm EST on Twitch.tv/HorribleNight. However, you may notice a change to our show’s format that is because we are expanding our podcast to include multiple shows.

The Horrible Show will be moving to a 2 episode a month format for the near future. It will feature our editorial staff discussing a variety of entertainment-focused gaming topics. The first episode of each month will be recorded live with our goal to make the show more interactive in the future.

Inbetween episodes of The Horrible Show, we are going to unveil a new podcast next week with a rotating cast that is dedicated to discussing the games we are actively playing as well as our Threesomes of the Week.

Next up, our first episode of Cursed Checkpoint is getting a positive reception; we have several more episodes planned out for the near future. Each episode will focus on one topic and feature different members of the Horrible Night writing staff and industry professionals. The episodes will be around 30 minutes long and will attempt to stay as on-topic as possible with only a couple of podcast members on the show at a time.

Beyond audio podcasting, expect to see more video content in the near future ranging from game nights, video reflex reviews, game challenges, and more.

Consider this also an open thread where we are taking requests on the types of content and games you’d like to see from all of us. Horrible Night is ready to mix things up and give you a wider variety of editorial entertainment based video game content in 2012.

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