Kinect Officially Coming to PC in February

PC Kinect

Now you can finally play with that weird teal skeleton guy...awesome?!

PC owners of the world yearning to utilize the amazing abilities of the Kinect to make their porn browsing more efficient can finally rejoice, Microsoft has heard your cries. While the Xbox 360 Kinect has been usable on PCs (with the assistance of this SDK), the “official” PC Kinect is arriving on February 1st for the incredibly stupid price of $249.00, around $100.00 more than its console based brethren. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for that, but reasonable explanations are boring and tend not to be quite as reasonable as one may hope (in this scenario it’s been said that games helped subsidize the cost of the Xbox 360 Kinect which is why that unit costs less).

The biggest change to the system will be Near Mode, which allows user movement recognition as close as 50 cm, a benefit to those without huge open spaces in their homes. Should I want to purchase PC Kinect, I’d be able to use it in the tiny closet my wife makes me keep my computer in but it may prevent me from eating cereal as I play, a sacrifice I’m not sure I’m willing to make at this point.


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