Microsoft Improves Indie Games Platform Slightly


Indie Games

Microsoft may be making a resolution to be friendlier to Indie Games in 2012, the XNA Game Studio team recently announced via their several new changes to the Indie Games system. Changes include:

  • Indie game size increased from 150 MB to 500 MB
  • Developers may charge 80 MS Points for any game up to 150 MB (previous limit was 50 MB)
  • Developers can have 20 titles in the marketplace

This should hopefully benefit the little guy, despite how difficult it is to find the indie game marketplace on Xbox Live. Let’s hope that Microsoft will pass a larger olive branch to indie developers in 2012. Indie games get a lot of discussion and love around here, and it has been pointed out several times that Microsoft could do a better job with the indie crowd if it wants to compete with other platforms. This is a step in the right direction and a nice start to the year.


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