Mega Man 2 Intro Remade in HD

Mega Man 2

Rickonami is at it again. We highlighted his stellar HD trailers of classic Konami games like Castlevania and Gradius 2 back in August, but this time he really hit home for this Mega Fan. Enjoy a reminagining of the iconic Mega Man 2 intro:

While we are now in 2012 and have yet to see the technological advances promised by 200x, I gotta’ give a thumbs up to the work done on this trailer and brilliant use of existing HD Mega Man 7 sprites after witnessing some horrible Mega Man X art on iOS recently (not linking to that). Plus, you get a solid dose of one of my favorite video game cover bands in Year 200x Project X.

What game do you think Rickonami should tackles next now that he’s broken out of Konami’s library?



4 Comments Mega Man 2 Intro Remade in HD

  1. benji138

    That was awesome. The encvironment was really well done. It makes me wonder why Capcom hasn’t cashed in on this idea and made an HD port of Megaman 2 as a downloadable game on XBLA or PSN. I’d definitely buy it.

  2. Josh Lee

    Sorry I would have pointed that out, but as you know I only look at the pictures.

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