The 2011 Grimmys: Comeback of the Year

The Grimmys

Down, but not out. Franchises, companies, and game genres all go through their ups and downs, but it was nice to see a few rise again.

The Nominees

Double Fine – After a rocky exit from Activision and a game that did not meet the hype surrounding it, Double Fine regrouped to release a handful of quality downloadble titles. Each was small, focused, and entertaining in its own right and served to reintroduce the Double Fine entertainment experience to new and old fans. Teaming up with Cookie Monster at the end of the year didn’t hurt either.

Rayman – Rayman himself seemed to be a bit lost thanks to the success of a subsequent overexposure of his Rabbids buddies. Coming back in 2011 with a 2D platformer didn’t seem like the best idea for a return at first, but Rayman Origins proved that Rayman has plenty more to show us in high definition.

Grimmy WinnerMortal Kombat – Although fighting games have had a bit of a resurgence the last few years, nothing was guaranteed with a return-to-your-roots release of Mortal Kombat. However, MK not only returned to its roots, but it returned to form and brought with it a complete fighting package for any fighter – solo, co-op, party, or online.

L.A. Noire – When a promising game dives out of the headlines and gets mired in extra months/years of development, one of three things will happen. It will either be canceled, released quietly and ignored, or released with a fervor and blow some minds. L.A. Noire gave us plenty of reason to doubt it, as recently as early this year (and every step along the way before then), but it became a must-play game when it was finally released.

WWE All Stars – Wrestling games have really struggled this generation. Luckily, THQ finally recognized that maybe yearly releases of the same tired game isn’t the only option. It realized that fun was important to wrestling games and gave fans the arcade action we forgot we wanted. A roster of classic wrestlers combined with new stars bridged the gap to make for the best wrestling game of the year.

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