The 2011 Grimmys: Gamers United Award

The Grimmys

The definition of gamers is evolving, but the amount of games that all gamers can agree upon and play together is still a rare find. “Made for everyone” is no small feat.

The Nominees

Grimmy WinnerFruit Ninja Kinect – A quick port of a popular iOS game that makes use of the Kinect and takes advantage of its miniscule software line up by offering up brand recognition? Easy money…except Halfbrick actually knew what it was doing, made a great game, and actually made the Kinect controls make the Fruit Ninja experience fun for everyone. It ended up being the most laugh out loud use of your living room space during any party.

You Don’t Know Jack – The first trivia game I can remember laughing at returns. For the first time since 2003, YDKJ offers up a true “anyone can win” experience that will entertain players and those just listening in for the jokes.

Scene It? Movie Night Scene It has been around for a while, but bringing the action to XBLA and PSN made it much more accessible for families wanting easy access to downloadable content.

Dance Central 2 – Harmonix took a risk last year with Dance Central and it may have saved the company as well as validated the Kinect itself. With the risk gone, Dance Central 2 adds in the features to complete the package like co-op/competitive 2 player dancing and plenty of new music and import options.

Super Mario 3D Land – Mario still has the magic to pull in just about everyone to try out his latest adventures even if it is on a system that was surrounded in doubt for most of the year. Easy to pick up and play and difficult to master all of the challenges give everyone an excuse to jump into a Tanooki suit.

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