The 2011 Grimmys: New Character of the Year

The Grimmys

Getting attached to characters is a key ingredient to the long-term success of a franchise.  Whether they’re the protagonist, a side kick or mortal enemy is unimportant, these are the individuals that stood out amongst a title’s main players and are most worthy of becoming plush dolls.

The Nominees

Narrator (Stranger) (Bastion) – Playing video games is fun, but playing a game with a play-by-play voiced by a man with sensuality-fueled vocal chords takes it to a different level. While most narrators are resigned to prologues and cut scenes, the Stranger feels that every move the protagonist makes is worthy of further description.

Johnson (Shadows of the Damned) – Finally, shape shifting skulls with British accents get their day in the sun as Johnson of Shadows of the Damned proves that the best side kick may be the non-human kind. Characterized by his sarcastic wit and usefulness as a guide for hero Garcia Hotspur, Johnson is as close to a demonic Swiss army knife as you can get.

Grimmy WinnerWheatley (Portal 2) – When facing an adversary like the super intelligent GLaDOS, you’d think that teaming up with a similar robotic construct would even the odds a bit. Unfortunately, Wheatley isn’t cut from the same cloth..err steel as GLaDOS, leaving players with a floating friend that possess less artificial intelligence and more artificial stupidity.

Cole Phelps (LA Noire) – Cole Phelps is the most complicated nominee on this list. A decorated war hero and successful cop, Phelps’ reputation and lifestyle takes a dive after it’s discovered that his by-the-books approach to police work doesn’t necessarily apply to his personal life.

The Apprentice (Orcs Must Die!) – To wield magic, one must be both intelligent and humble…two qualities that the apprentice from Orcs Must Die! doesn’t possess. Regardless, his brash sensibilities and almost idiotic willingness to rush into battle against overwhelming odds made him a character that was tough not to love. Ego is perfectly fine if one can back it up, something the families of thousands of orcs and other monsters can certainly attest to.

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