First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Announced for January

Modern Warfare 3, the record-shattering behemoth, is slated to release its first DLC on January 24 exclusively on Xbox Live. The PS3 and PC markets will eventually receive this DLC also, but it is custom for XBL to get its hands on the DLC sooner.

Call of Duty Elite Roll Call

Will this DLC improve the current map pack formula of Call of Duty?

Robert Bowling, a popular Infinity Ward community guru announced it today on Elite TV. He wouldn’t go into extreme detail on what was going to be released, but he did say that it was going to have content for Spec Ops and a variety of things players have never seen before thanks to the massive development teams at Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

The video announcement was only available to paid subscribers, so no video to provide here. You can rest assured that trailers and leaks will be abundant in the coming month before it’s released so we can see what the hell we’re getting ourselves into.

My personal opinion: I hope it’s not just another oddball assortment of maps. In past Call of Duty map packs, very few maps have seemed worthy of the 1200 MSP price tag.


Call of Duty Elite (image)