E3 2010: The Games of Cole

Let’s get down to it. E3 is about the games, no matter how many hardware surprises get unveiled. Games are what fuel our hardware purchases. Here are the 5 games that I’m most excited about as E3 2010 comes to a close:

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

I’m excited about this game on a purely graphical level. I think Epic Yarn looks amazing. Nintendo has shown in the past (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) that it can succeed with this time of game. More power to them for trying to capture magic once again.

Dance Central

I’ve never been a huge dancing game fan, but this is the one that might change my tune. My wife is already looking forward to kicking my ass at this game.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I love Zelda games but like many people grew tired of the formulaic Twilight Princess. This new game looks to bring a little Windwaker into the fold and I can only guess where the story will take me.

Twisted Metal

I haven’t played a Twisted Metal in a long time but I have fond memories of playing against JDevL in Twisted Metal Black. Now with online play, he can use his codes from 2000 miles away and once again kick my ass.

Portal 2

Having not yet finished Portal because I just downloaded it when Steam became available for Macs, I hesitantly watch videos of this game. From what little I’ve played of the first game, I can’t wait to see what a sequel will bring.

3 Comments E3 2010: The Games of Cole

  1. Andy H

    A lot of people have discounted the Kinect, but I think Dance Central is going to be one of those games you just have to play. I generally agree with your picks short of Zelda. Even with the new graphics and control schemes, short of Wind Waker, they’ve all been too much like Ocarina of Time for my tastes. From what I’ve seen, this one looks like more of the same.

  2. streetalchemist

    I’m right there on pretty much all of these games. I’m actually really looking forward to Dance Central. I spent a LOT more time than I’m comfortable talking about in high school playing Dance Dance Revolution, and a game that doesn’t need a pad and will actually have full body movement should prove to be hilarious!

  3. JDevL

    How do you think the DDR kids are gonna like Dance Central? Do they want the specific pads to hit, or do they just want to dance?

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