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Our gaming backlogs continue to be a popular topic of discussion, and as we come close to the end of another year and with it hopes of better gaming habits next year, what happened to all of those 2010 games we said we’d finish this year?

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JP (JPizzle151)

Do you mean 2011? R2A fail before we even start.

Justin L (JDevL)


Really, 2010 games. 2011 games will get covered later.


Monkey is still mad you haven

Rob (Robeque)

I have wanted to play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West since it came out, so that is the one that jumps to the front of my mind. I’m sure there are plenty of others that I’m not thinking of, but I’m glad for that since I have more games than I can handle as it is for a long while. Enslaved looked like a lot of fun and I really liked the demo. If I recall, JDevL had good things to say about it, too.

Aaron (BGRadio)

Enslaved is definitely a good one that I’m proud to say I rented this year. The price to own won’t break the bank now either. Most of the games I’ve missed are adventure titles. I’m slacking on solving puzzles while wearing top hats with Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I also continue to hold out on an amazing sale for Back to the Future: The Game after playing the first episode for free. Come on, Christmas sales! Other than those two, there are games that didn’t perform so well that I’m in no immediate rush to play. I’d say I’m only slightly curious to experience Aliens vs Predator or Dante’s Inferno.


Yeah I could go for some Dante’s Inferno. The demo was awesome. I think I’ll get through the God of War series first, though. I still have 2 and 3 to play, hah.

Justin L

Ya, I kinda liked Enslaved. Haha. Actually the price points right now probably make it better, but I’m not sure how well the game is gonna age so I’d play it in 2012 if you can.

If I ever give my DS some attention I could see myself going on a Professor Layton spending spree since there was a sequel this year, too. I don’t even want to start down the dangerous Telltale path as I’d like to go back and play those new Monkey Island games in addition to BTTF.

Fallout: New Vegas is still wrapped and sitting on my shelf. I put the game off last year because it has such a buggy launch and I wanted to dive in when everything was fixed. That moment never definitively happened so I soon forgot about the game, and now after Skyrim, I can’t see myself going back.

Fallout: New Vegas

But, it


Oh, I almost forgot the game that got its own weird cult following! Deadly Premonition needs my attention most of all, just so I can understand why the hell I even think about its existence in the first place.

Brandon (H21)

I just quickly ripped through my list and the only 2010 release that I haven’t finished is Fallout: New Vegas. Frankly, RPG type games traditionally get the least amount of attention by me. Sadly, it’s one of my favorite game types. I just feel like if I can’t give two hours or more I shouldn’t spend time on them. That’s wrong. Just wrong.


Despite the bugs you all really should play New Vegas. That game was a lot of fun, and the addition of having a reputation among the factions just helped increase the game’s asshole meter. I need to finish Alan Wake before the next edition of the game comes out in 2012. I really enjoy the story and the psychological thrill that the game produces. I am really not sure what derailed me from the Wake train … Oh wait! It was Darksiders! I know we have said a lot about this game on the site, but I must reiterate that this is the best Zelda game I have played since Ocarina of Time. I also need to work towards AC: Brotherhood, but I say that with trepidation after seeing the AC:Revelations reviews. I also need to consider trying to finish FF:XIII at some point as well. Damn, I need to get paid to play games just so I can catch up on my 2010 backlog. I am sure there are games from 2010 that I am forgetting that need my attention.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

I second JP’s assessment of New Vegas, after 96 or so odd hours I feel secure in saying it was worth every second. Alan Wake is definitely on my list also as a broken Xbox was the cause of me not having access to that game when it first came out. I’m sure it’s dirt cheap by now so perhaps it’ll find its way into my stocking on Christmas Day.

As an owner of both AvP and Dante’s Inferno, I can only recommend those games if you can get them at the lowest cost possible. there was a reason neither performed well (though they aren’t horrible games, just cookie cutter attempts at copying the success of other titles).

Dante's Inferno

Maybe not as necessary.


Don’t get me wrong. I really want to play New Vegas, but to Ethan’s point – I could easily spend 96 hours in that world searching every crevice. That’s why when Skyrim came out I had a mild panic attack. I have 2011 titles I haven’t yet gotten to, and with 2012 and Mayan calendars looming the world just may end unless it’s a volcano situation in which we could just drop our backlog into the crater and plug it up. That’s the direction I’m heading now.


But then some punk kid is probably gonna come around and roll a bomb flower into our plug. We’re all doomed. Yeah I’m trying to knock a couple other games out before really diving into the Skyrim world. It just feels like once I get going on that it will be the end of anything else for a long long time. I forgot about Alan Wake. I got about a third of the way through that game and got distracted as I often do. I would love to go back to it sometime, though. Bioshock 2 is another one that I never got to…. though I would want to finish the first one beforehand, which I never did…. it’s a vicious cycle.

Justin G (GiffTor)

Uh, let’s see, I know Skyrim and Assassins Creed: Revelations were on my list earlier and I’m going to get to both of them but almost certainly not before the end of the year. But to be honest…. (proceeds to write 2(!) full entries about 2011 games)….


Gifford must be too good to talk about 2010 games. Or we could say that Gifford must have failed miserably at 2010.

Justin L

At least he has a head start on next year. In his defense he’s not a big reader.

Justin G

If Lacey hadn’t made me laugh so damned hard with the Angry Internet Website-owning Guy thing, I might have read the “no, seriously, I meant 2010” disclaimer underneath it. *Sigh*.

Lost Planet 2

Someone? Anyone?

So to go back to 2010: I actually pre-ordered Aliens Versus Predator and Alpha Protocol, but both sucked so hard I cancelled the pre-orders. (Gearbox, don’t fail me with the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game.) I actually own Lost Planet 2 but haven’t even opened it up so I don’t have any feelings one way or the other – anyone got any recommendations on that one? I also was positive I was going to get into Dead Rising 2 since I loved the first one so much but at some point, between mediocre reviews and realizing that in a real zombie war, I’d just build a mech, I kind of gave up on it. I also wish I had played Mass Effect 2, I hear that was a pretty good game.

Justin L

You’ll still be playing Mass Effect 2 in 2013, Gifford. During my recent return to Nintendo nostalgia, I came to realize I missed out on two great games last year because I have an aversion to actually turning on my Wii. I have yet to purchase either Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Donkey Kong Country Returns. The first one because I never finished the first Galaxy game, and the 2nd because I couldn’t justify buying both that and Kirby’s Epic Yarn in the same week. I need a Nintendo vacation in 2012 to catch up.


I’d love to be able to put some time into Mass Effect 2 because Gifford make it sounds really freaking awesome, though I fear that this will never happen. I still need to beat Red Dead Redemption…DAMNIT I AM BEHIND!!!

Justin L

You should really play Red Dead… it holds up surprisingly well even without sasquatches.


I just realized how I haven’t completed Undead Nightmare. I am ashamed.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

The Dying West has not aged well.


Undead Nightmare might be one of the greatest B-Movies ever made.


I grabbed Undead Nightmare when it was on sale and never once loaded it up. I missed a golden opportunity to get into it during the Halloween season, too. That, I would say is a failure. Also, to Justin’s point… I never played Mario Galaxy 2, either. That’s a must play before the Wii is more or less retired, I’d say.

Justin G

I’m with Rob – I own Undead Nightmare but have yet to play it, but considering I played through Red Dead in my characteristic straight-thru-without-a-break style, the fact that I needed a break probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Next time I get a hankering to kill zombies and not kill a family of Sasquatches (way to go, Ethan, you bastard), I know where I’ll go. I actually kind of forgot about it.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

While I definitely need to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 at some point (hell I still need to finish the first. I just don’t want to play the Wii at all) my big game of 2010 that I haven’t finished was released at the beginning of that year. A bunch of people on this site have said how good it is and how it’s like a darker version of Zelda. Yeah I’m talking about Darksiders. I have the game. It’s in my game drawer. I just have yet to devote any time to it at all. The same goes for Alan Wake. Sitting in my drawer, biding it’s turn in the 360. I don’t know why I’ve never got around to playing. They are both games that I’d love to put behind me but can’t begin to start.


War is good for a lot it turns out.


I don’t have anymore failures to note, but a small victory: this year I finally brought myself up to speed on Mass Effect 1 & 2. Hooray! #oneofthecoolkidsnow


That was a wise accomplishment, my friend. I’d also advise any other Darksiders holdouts to get your apocalyptic asses in gear so that you are ready for the second game this summer. Bonus for Wii haters, it’ll give you that Zelda fix you are trying to fight off, as well.


I’ll second Justin’s Darksiders motion. You’ll want to be ready for número dos when the time comes. I think I pretty much had as much fun with Darksiders as I did with Skyward Sword…. pretty much.

James (Copperskull)

I had a small bittersweet victory in finishing Heavy Rain earlier this year despite the small portions of time I usually give to my PS3. But in my rush, I managed to get one of the worst possible endings. Let’s just say there were virtually no survivors of the story.

I think my biggest failure is Alan Wake. I watched the game from early in development and excitedly dove into the darkness when it was released, but never finished the game. I was approaching the end of the story when I started over from the beginning to show off the story to a non-gamer and lost my original save file. I turned to other games while getting over the frustration of the lost save file, and never made it back. I’ll have to finish it soon with new Alan Wake on the way.

Alan Wake

Still looking for me? I

I also failed miserably with Mass Effect 2, God of War III, and Fable 3 since I still never managed to complete their prequels and didn’t want to ruin any surprises for myself.


Forgot about Fable 3, I was curious to see how that one would be more ‘innovative’. I need to revisit all the Borderlands DLC. It technically came out in 2010.


Fable 3 wasn’t a miss in my book. Those games just got worse as sequels came out. I loved Fable 1, Fable 2 was meh which means Fable 3 was probably poopy.


Fable 3 wasn’t a bad game, but I would agree the games never really lived up to what they should have been. The multiplayer was greatly improved in Fable 3 though.


Fable 3 is one of those games where I’m not sure if I really had fun at all when it was over. The whole thing might have just been a dream… a poopy dream.

Fable 3

I need a hug.


I’m glad that is off our conscience, I’m sure we will do better in 2012 at finishing up the games we already have before buying the new ones. I’m also sure that wasn’t the first lie I’ve told you in conclusion to one of these conversations.

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