The Undiscovered Platform: Chrome

Chrome Web Store, Google Apps, Bastion, Angry Birds, Grepolis

Why, God, would anyone make a game starring the Nyancat?!

It’s not exactly a secret, with the new Google Chrome layout that has an “apps” tab at the bottom of the “New Tab” screen, but it’s not something anybody but Ethan spends much time bringing up here: Google’s getting some traction in the games-in-your-browser field with its Chrome Web Store. In-browser games aren’t new and you can be sure some of the motivation behind this is a desire to support and drive their browser-only Chromebooks, but with badass games like Bastion getting ported to Chrome along with a whole host of other games that have more recently been showing up on tablets and smartphones, you’re being provided with a low-cost way to waste time at work without staring at your phone intently (which is a dead giveaway).

It’s not just crappy Farmville-esque ports and Angry Birds, either. While there’s plenty of nearly-crippled freemium-modeled games like Gun Bros, there are just as many, “Holy crap! They did that in a browser?!” games like Grepolis, World Golf Tour and Street Fighter 2.

Disclaimer: Horrible Night is not responsible for your irresponsible ass getting fired because you installed a bunch of these games onto your work computer and shirked your duties. You’ve been warned.


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