Horribly Awesome Deals of The Week: Don’t Be So Humble

Horrible Pig

Looks like the EA brass got tired of being huge jackasses and have discounted a couple of their games on Amazon, which is pretty nice. Steam and a group of Indie developers have done the same thing, though they didn’t commit any of the heinous crimes of doucheness that there acronymed brethren did. Enjoy the deals, kiss your significant other and dance like no one is watching.

Mr. Deal Hunter

Battlefield 3 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) – Amazon for $45.99

Battlefield 3

That guy is totally screwed.

Most of your friends are playing this, and those that aren’t all playing a similarly themed game. For those that don’t have many friends, this is probably a crappy place to start as Battlefield players can be mean :(

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (PC) – Steam for $14.99

Earth is completely unprepared for a giant insect invasion of the magnitude seen in EDF, which makes me a bit nervous. Perhaps a couple like-minded individuals will play this game, like it and join Josh Lee in lobbying for our defense budget to be allocated towards robot suits and anti bug missiles?

Mr. Patience

Crysis 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – Amazon for $29.99


When crisis is spelled with an “i” than rational discourse or simple problem solving tends to lead to a solution. When spelled with a “y”, you’re pretty much screwed unless you wear a curve hugging super suit.

Mr. Homegrown

Humble Indie Action Pack 4 (PC) – Name Your Price on Humble Bundle (Paying more than $5.33 nets you Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles)

These “Action Packs” keep getting better and I’ve loved jumping into the games that the latest incarnation of this charitable series has offered.  Paying more than the average cost gets you two additional games, but with a retail price of $100.00, you can afford to spend a bit more.

Mr. Cheapskate

Demigod (PC) – Steam for $6.99


Demigod on Demigod fights are the nation's biggest issue.

Those of you that like the idea of being a god but aren’t really into all the responsibilities can rest assured that there is a happy medium when it comes to climbing the corporate deity ladder.

Mr. Charity Recipient

PoxNora – Free to Play on Steam

Fantasy creatures aren’t know for being patient, but their ability to take turns is extremely important in this strategy title. Get it, taking turns? It’s a turn based strategy idiots!


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