My Wife Wants a Kinect, But Do I Want Her To Have One?

When Microsoft first debuted what became known as Kinect at last year’s E3, I was kind of like ehh. A motion control system without a controller? No way this will be good. However this year was a totally different story and I was actually excited for some of the games that they demoed. Yet, I wasn’t as excited for myself as I was for my wife.

You might have heard in the podcasts that I don’t have a 360 right now but I plan on getting one in the near future. Being married forces you to make large purchase decisions together so it was difficult for me to justify spending that much money on a new game system where she wouldn’t find any enjoyment. That all changed when I showed her this year’s E3 presentation of the Kinect.

The first game I showed her was Kinectimals. She is a huge animal lover and I knew this game would appeal to the cutesy side of her  heart and I wasn’t wrong. I don’t know if she would ever play this, but she did get a kick out of what the little tiger named Skittles was doing on screen.

I'll admit, it IS cute.

Then I showed her a quick glimpse of Ubisoft’s new workout game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, that looks to be a fierce competitor to the EA Sports Active series. My wife’s exact words were “That is so cool!” She is the type of person that likes to be in shape but hates working out. If she can have fun while not noticing that she’s working out, all the better.

The real seller was the game Harmonix has in development for the Kinect. Dance Central is a game where you mimic what is happening on screen, stringing together different dance moves often times from your favorite music videos. Too put it lightly, my wife was pumped. She knows that she will get a nice workout from this game while having a ton of fun in doing so. She loves playing Rockband and when I told her that the same people were making this game she already has the confidence that this will be a good game.

Where does that leave me? I want my wife to play more videogames yet selfishly I don’t want her to take time away from my playing. Right now our work schedules work out well enough that this won’t be an issue but who knows what will happen in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love when my wife plays a game. Just this last holiday season she became obsessed with collecting ALL the stars in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and she did it twice. At that time she was always open to letting me play, I think to just give herself a break.

I'll be embarrassing myself soon.

I think the same thing will happen with Dance Central. My wife will let me play, just so she can take a break. However, during that break she will be laughing her ass off at me while I struggle to pop and lock my way to a high score. Does the embarrassment factor outweigh wanting my wife to have fun? No, I embarrass myself all the time in front of her.

Getting the Kinect will let her enjoy herself while getting some exercise. I can’t hate on that. Plus it means I’m getting a new 360, which was my evil plan all along.


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