South Park: The Game will be an RPG by Obsidian

South Park: The Game

Can we summon MechaStreisand?

After the last downloadable South Park game, I pretty much gave up on the chance that we’d see another major console title out of my favorite satirical cartoon based in Colorado. Thanks to the reveal of the new Game Informer cover story, South Park fans may be in for a real adventure whether they were asking for it or not. Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III) is developing South Park: The Game on the Dungeon Siege III engine, and the features sound much more sophisticated than the game will certainly be.

The basic plot involves the player taking on the role of the new kid in town as you join up for some healthy live action role playing in South Park. Naturally, the LARPing turns into an actual adventure complete with customized character classes, a battle system reminiscent of Paper Mario, summons, and weapon augmenting.

Creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are joining in for the first time in a video game to write the story and dialogue which is sure to rip on RPGs and other video game trappings.

As random as this announcement is, as long as the game is playable it’s already assured to be the funniest RPG since Earthbound. Plus it has to be better than the N64 South Park shooter, right?


South Park Studios (image)