E3 2010: Sony Press Conference

Sony E3 Press Conference

Winner for the most dry press conference goes to Sony. Overall a very solid show, but it failed to surprise or have a huge impact on the audience. They did detail the release of the PlayStation Move, reveal their PSN subscription program PlayStation Plus, but Kevin Butler stole the show with his inspirational speech to all gamers.

  • Killzone 3 – Kicked off the show with a stunning trailer for the 3D sequel to this solid shooter franchise. One of the most visually impressive games of the entire show, but I’ve never been a big fan of the gameplay or story of this series. (Trailer)
  • Trailer Montages – Sony used a lot of montages, rather than individual game trailers to mention that most of their games support 3D and/or PlayStation Move. Motorstorm Apocalypse and The Sly Collection were shown without being featured. If Sony can integrate 3D or Move in someway, expect to see one or both in most future titles.
  • PlayStation Move – Sony’s motion controller device will be released on September 19th. If you already own an PlayStation Eye camera you can buy the Move controller for $49.99, and the Navigation controller for $29.99. For $99.99 you get Move controller, the Eye, and the game Sports Champions. For 399.99 you can bundle the Move, Eye, and PS3 together.  Move software is expected to sell for around $39.99.
  • Sorcery – The major Move demo featured this wizard game where control a wizard and his wand. Spell selection and execution looked easy and fun, and your ability to combine multiple spells to defeat enemies was a nice touch. Let’s just say it already tops any Harry Potter game on the market (Gameplay Demo)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour – EA brought along Tiger Woods for the Move to demonstrate how accurate your golf swing can be. This demo didn’t come across so well as he struggled quite a bit and it didn’t come across as responsive as the Wii version. Curious as to why they chose this game since we’ve seen it before on another system.
  • Heroes on the Move – Only shown in a brief trailer, but Sony’s newest mascots, Ratchet, Sly, and Jak, join together for this action party game. (Trailer)
  • Kevin Butler – The highlight of the Sony show. Kevin Butler, the famous VP from the Sony ad campaign, came out to give an “epic” speech about uniting to support gaming. They could have used his energy during the rest of the presentation. (Speech)
  • PSP – Sony is once again trying to reinvigorate it’s handheld with a new ad campaign and a ton of new games. I zoned out during this one, but here are some of the games featured in the montage – Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, ModNation Racers, Gravity Crash, Madden 11, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, Persona 3 PSP, The 3rd Birthday.
  • PlayStation Network Plus – Subscription content and service is coming to the PlayStation Network on June 29. For $50 a year, expect something similar to Xbox Live Gold with the addition of random free content and features. This is a big deal, and it’s about time their online service grew up a little bit.
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 – Back to the PS3, the LittleBigPlanet 2 demo showed off a lot of the possibilities of their new game creation tools. These guys are amazing, but I already had my mind made up that I’ll be picking up LBP 2. (Gameplay Demo)
  • Exclusives – Sony was focused on getting Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, Mafia II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  • Portal 2 – When Gabe Newell of Valve walked out on stage, it just didn’t look right. He announced that Portal 2 was coming to PS3 as the “best console version” and that because the PS3 is an open platform he will support the game using Steamworks. This was a huge surprise and a nice win for Sony. (Trailer)
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online – The sequel to the Final Fantasy MMO is coming to PS3. Nice rendered trailer, but you gotta show me more than that.
  • Gran Turismo 5 – Not much has changed since we last saw GT5, but the big news though was they finally announced a release date for Nov 2.
  • InFamous 2 – The rendered trailers were getting old by this point, but I still got excited for InFamous 2. (Trailer)
  • Twisted Metal – The big surprise of the show was the unveiling of David Jaffe’s latest vehicular combat series (which is the PlayStation’s longest running series in general). Sweet Tooth drove the developers on stage in his ice cream truck. The game features car combat, helicopters, and sniping as well as a few new multiplayer modes when it comes out in 2011. (Gameplay Demo)

Arbitrary rating – 1,063 ducks tech demos

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