E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Confidence looks good on Nintendo, and for once they tried their best to appeal to everyone at their press conference. Revealing updates to their classic franchises, and an impressive new handheld in the Nintendo 3DS. It will be business as usual for Nintendo moving into 2011

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Miyamoto himself came out to demo the new Zelda game that flawlessly blends the art styles of Ocarina, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. Nintendo aims to incorporate the Wii MotionPlus for deeper sword fighting and item usage. Uncharacteristically, there were a lot of glitches in the demo, but expect them to polish this game multiple times over before it is released next year. (Trailer)
  • Mario Sports Mix – Mario stars in a sports game collection featuring a lot of sports that he hasn’t played before including: volleyball, hockey, dodgeball, and basketball. I don’t know why they’ve never thought to combine these before. (Trailer)
  • Wii Party – Take Mario Party but swap in your Miis and you get Wii Party. Over 70 mini games, and 13 party games are expected for this holiday release.
  • Other trailers – Just Dance 2, Metroid Other M, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • Goldeneye 007 – Everything we feared. Activision is remaking Goldeneye with Daniel Craig’s bond. Expect new features, multiplayer, and a lot of throwback gameplay with this Wii exclusive coming out this holiday season. (Trailer)
  • Disney Epic Mickey – A new platformer that attempts to make Mickey Mouse relevant to today’s gaming audience. Gameplay centers around your choice to paint onto the world to solve problems, or destroy them with paint thinner. (Gameplay Demo)
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Is it more epic than Mickey? Who knows, but this game is an amazing looking 2D platformer. Sporting a patchwork art style that got everyone’s attention. Nice to see Kirby get featured in a game again. (Trailer)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns – Developed by Retro Games (Metroid Prime), DKC seems like a direct sequel to the gameplay of the classic SNES series. Graphics have been upgraded, but the action remains 2D. (Trailer)
  • Nintendo 3DS – The official debut of their new handheld. Very hard to showcase, but they did (over)emphasize the fact that the 3D effects will not require glasses. Features include, two screens, top widescreen for 3D, bottom standard screen for touch, graphics somewhere between the PS2 and Wii in quality, analog controls, and dual external cameras for 3D pictures. (Images and Hands-On Reaction)
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising – The flagship title for the 3DS as Icarus returns and is featured for the first time since the NES game. This looks to be a flying/shooter that reminded me a bit of Star Fox (minus the ships) with mythological characters. (Trailer)
  • Great Software Support – Lots of titles have been revealed to be in development for the 3DS including: Star Fox, Pilotwings, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear, Madden, Assassin’s Creed, DJ Hero, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and Mario Kart.

Arbitrary rating – 3.14 Pokemon

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