What Does Skyrim Mean for Fallout 4?

After playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim obsessively for the last week (and loving every second of it), I can’t help but think about what the Creation Engine could mean for the next iteration of the Fallout series. Sure, I could just be happy with exploring the beautiful fantasy world that Bethesda has created, but being that I’m speculative in nature and hold a higher esteem for the mythology of the recent Fallout games, it’s difficult for my mind not to wander away from castles and dragons to bombed out cities and Super Mutant Behemoths. I can only assume that Fallout 4 is at least a glimmer in the eyes of Bethesda and so I have a few thoughts based on the changes in Skyrim that I think could perfect their already delicious recipe for post apocalyptic mayhem.

Introduce a Little Eye Candy


There's way more than corn in Indiana...

Let’s face it, the recent Fallout games were a bit ugly. Obviously, this was a result of the nuclear holocaust taking a dump on all the stunning sights of each games’ locations, but seeing as New Vegas showed us that not every part of the world was obliterated, why not branch off into another untouched locale that isn’t a freaking desert? With the power of a new engine comes the ability to create a better looking world and one that could feature a little ruin with a little lush. I’d vote for a Midwestern location because for the most part, everyone ignores us and I figured the same would hold true for bombing targets. Here’s an idea: why not aim for Fallout: Indiana? Indianapolis is a pretty big city and there are plenty of small towns, rolling hills and cornfields around to add a bit of variety. Either way, it’s going to look way better than the freaking Mojave.

Dual Wield or Die

This is by far one of my favorite additions to Skyrim and its inclusion in the new Fallout games would make for some really awesome combinations. Because spells are not part of the combat mechanic in Fallout, the wide variety of guns could be inserted in their place, thus giving the player the ability to arm themselves with two close or long-range weapons or a combination of the two. Obviously, this would be limited to the single handed weapons like pistols and knives, but including this possibility would give these weapons a longer lifespan as they’re basically useless once the higher powered fire arms come into play. To add to this mechanic, things like accuracy could be affected should you decide to go akimbo on an enemy (because if there was not downside, everyone would do it).

The World is Alive

The immersion of Skyrim is not only based on the near limitless possibilities that the world holds for players but the sense that the Nordic landscape is very much alive and functioning regardless of the players actions. Rabbits hop around, wolves hunt deer, giants protect their pet mastodons alongside a bevy of other natural happenings that make you feel like you’re witness to a thriving ecosystem. The animals in New Vegas felt much more scripted and either ran straight at the player or away from them and the fights between different species looked more like slap battles than the relationship between predators and prey. It never made sense for a single dog to attempt a fight with three Golden Geckos nor did it appear that the animals did anything more than wander around a specific area. It’d be nice to see animals that were functioning outside the ecosystems of purely passive NPC or overly aggressive enemies and because they are all mutants. The potential is there for some really cool stuff, especially in the case of some of the advanced flora that came about as the result of genetic testing.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

That mammoth better have the heart of Rocky, Rudy or any other extreme underdog.

The Constant Challenge of Something Big

Dragons have been a pleasant addition to Skyrim because they offer up a random difficulty spike that requires players to stay on their toes and keep an eye to the sky while also presenting a challenge that requires a bit more than just hacking away or casting endless spells . While I don’t think dragons necessarily have a place in the Fallout universe, something similar could be included to give players that sense of fear that they’d otherwise dodge by sticking to the safer areas. While Super Mutant Behemoths and Deathclaws have the possibility to fit this role, there has to be a way to escape their attacks should the player be under-matched, much like one is able to retreat from the dragons in Skyrim. There’s potential for some really cool flying mutants as well, though, so should asset recycling be needed, I can see where a giant Calzador or other large insect could be a cool answer to the fantasy world’s scaly menace.


Phoning home may lead to some solid gear

Taking it a step further, I can see the extraterrestrials that have made subtle appearances in past games being a bit more of a player in future Fallout landscapes. Perhaps instead of landing to give melee players a chance to fight (like the dragons do), a tractor beam could catch a player who was unable to destroy the ship from the ground and drag them inside, which would create a scenario that would involve either blowing the ship up from the inside or escaping once you free yourself from the rectal exam table. The reward of these fights could be alien technology, much like killing the dragons gives you dragons souls. Either way you slice it, it’d fit.

I don’t think I’m the only one that sees Skyrim as a success in the present that represents success in the future for Bethesda’s other popular open world franchise. The complaints in reference to the Fallout series (besides bugs and not being turn based) are more a result of technological restraints and not a lack of imagination, so giving the creative team a little extra juice may make for some really great results.


Giant Bomb (images)

65 Comments What Does Skyrim Mean for Fallout 4?

  1. Steve McKay

    Those are some pretty interesting points. When dual-wielding, you could even equip grenades, mines or stimpacks in the other hand, and again, you offset the speed of, say, being able to toss grenades on-the-fly, by decreasing your throwing accuracy. Tbh though, would you really want to throw a grenade with the wrong hand in real life?

    Also, no! Cazadors are absolutely the spawn of satan, and should never, ever be in any future Fallout games. Those things were ridiculously unbalanced,. I swear, I don’t know what Obsidian were thinking when they included them!

  2. Justin Lacey

    I had a literal LOL at the Fallout: Indiana idea. Would be cool to see the Fallout universe expanded to other continents though.

    @Steve Don’t give them ideas about making on hand weaker than the other with dual wielding, I already struggle enough with having to watch how much weight I’m carrying.

  3. Mr. Awesome

    Yeah i think Fallout is done, cuz Elder Scolls is paving a new road of awesomeness, cuz who wants to look at a wasteland that looks like a piece of nuclear shit? Id rather look at the Beautiful lush lands of Skyrim to tell you the truth. Now the mutant in Fallout are great, but Skyrim has the crazy bears! They are scary, with their paws and shit. Then the dragons, im more afraid of bears than dragons, probably cuz im like boss but thats whatever. SO yeah, Fallout is out, Elder Scrolls are in. So that means that you Elder Scrolls cant disappoint or a world of hurt will come down on you. Like literally a world of hurt cuz everyone that is human plays your game

  4. TheProphecy

    I think Ethan is on to something here. Ok, so they don’t pick Indiana (though I’d be in support), but pick something less desolate. Mutated bucks or coyotes would be pretty sweet to replace some of the enemies. I’d like to even see an area in which a major college town was a starting location or something like that. The rationale for that local would be the harvesting of chems from science departments/med schools. Since the midwest towns are not around any major areas of entertainment significance, could be a cool way to spin the need for the resources. Or, they figured out a way to utilize corn, soybeans and pork to create some sort of a energy source that “wastelanders” need to control the area.

  5. Elder Elijah

    Mr. Awesome:

    While Skyrim is a big leap compared to Fallout, does Skyrim have room for guns? Nope. Other gamers like Fallout because they can use guns and don’t feel at home with melee combat.

  6. Cody

    Im all for the indiana idea thats my state! Here is some points that a lot of people dont know about indiana… Indianapolis is the second biggest state capital in america the biggest east of the Mississippi river there is a military naval base we call Crane because of the town its next to it is the third largest naval base in the entire world. Where next to a large body of water, lake Michigan. also Crane is packed with the most guns and especially explosives that i have ever heard of. in terre haute there is a large air force base as well. Indiana University is one of the worlds leading universities in medical technology and research we could have fallout tribals as indiana is also known for its angel earth mounds the were created by indians thousands of years ago there is the Indy 500 indiana has a population of around 5 million cool thang to know is Crane was seventh on the USSR’s list of places to nuke! other military instillation’s are a large chemical depot neer crane and Fort Harrison in Indianapolis as far as wildlife goes we have badgers racoons eagles and some mountain lions.

  7. Molok

    All of these “What can Fallout learn from Skyrim?” articles miss the biggest thing.


    In the universally reviled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, you could play as a Human or a Ghoul, and it was awesome, being healed by radiation, etc.

    I want to be able to make a human character, a Super Mutant and a Ghoul…maybe you could start out as a Wasteland nobody or an Enclave grunt, like there are Bretons and Nords but they’re both basically Human.

    I don’t like these big stories that dictate your humanity to you. I want to be a GHOUL.

  8. widardd

    there is no NEW engine, why is everyone calling it that way? “creation engine” is a slightly bugfixed version of gamebryo engine. never asked yourself why u still see the same engine related bugs you know from oblivion?

  9. Ethan Moses

    Because you’re focusing soley on the term “new”, I will correct myself and say “updated” instead. Hope that helps.

    To answer your question about the “same engine related bugs from Oblivion”, I personally believe the bugs you speak of have quite a bit more to do with the fact that Skyrim (like Oblivion before) consists of a huge content filled open world. I am not excusing the bugs as much as I’m realistic about what I’m going to get in with a Bethesda game. I’ll take a couple bugs in exchange for a truly satisfying experience.

    Thanks for the comment.

  10. Tom

    Genius, I like every idea posted here, but what about having this game take place at the institution, up in the commonwealth. The place where androids like harkness, ( a3-21) and men as smart as zimmer come from, he says in fallout 3 that it is a radioactive shitheap on the outside, but that the inside is wonderful. What if a geck was activated nearby, or what if they perfected geck tech to not destroy the landscapes that it builds on. Immagine one of the possible races to choose being android, or cybo- organism or simply robot. Surely that would make for a great game no?

  11. Brian

    IIRC, wasn’t there a previous Fallout game that allowed you to dual wield pistols with a perk? No VATS was the trade off

  12. Eric A. Smith

    Am I really the only one that thinks Skyrim looks like poo? Oblivion looked MUCH smoother!

    I mean look at this!






    Compared to… THIS?!? I mean WTF?!?




  13. bowiemakarov

    honestly as a huge fallout fan i hope they wait at least two more years. Fallout New vegas sucked and the reason it sucked is because 1: they let obsidian call the shots. 2: They rushed it only half of the map was even playable there were invisible walls everywhere. Also i dont kno if anyone has thought about this but what about tennessee it wld give thema chance to start with a whole new story and they could add/remove factions as they saw fit. memphis is a major distribution center (fed-ex) the state is full of secret military bases which the enclave could use and east tn is one of the more beatiful parts of America. Also because of its in the mountains alot of nature wld be preserved.

  14. Ethan Moses

    Molok-I can’t believe I missed that. Great point though I hope you wanting to be a ghoul doesn’t mean that you are one in real life, I don’t trust ghouls.

    Tom-I do think the Commonwealth needs to be further explored, I sometimes forget the Fallout history that came before the recent games. Time to boot up 1 and 2 again.

    Brian-Brotherhood of Steel was that game and despite everyone hating it, I kind of dug the game.

    Eric-You look like poo! Just kidding. Yes, I think you might be the only one that thinks the game looks like poo but there are others that believe the graphics were overhyped. Did you like the game itself?

    bowiemakarov- You win, great idea Tennessee has equal parts modern day importance and historical value. If anything, you’d at least know your character would be rightfully liquored up the whole game.

  15. Eric A. Smith

    Ethan: I may indeed look like poo, depending upon the previous night’s alcohol consumption.

    But compare the links and tell me I’m wrong!

  16. Ethan Moses

    Eric-I think the biggest difference between the two games may be that Skyrim is a bit grittier, thus less appealing to some people. Case in point, the character models in certain screenshots look bad out of context because they are a bit dirty from afar, but close up Skyrim detail kills Oblivion (vanilla Oblivion that is).

    The world of Skyrim itself is a bit less pretty, not because of graphics but because Skyrim is just a harsher landscape than Cyrodil. However, Skyrim feels much less plastic to me and has a much more lived in feel. A real world example would be the difference between seeing a rental ad for an apt. and identifying with its beauty and cleanliness only to walk into it and see it in a less polished more lived in state. The latter is more realistic but some may not like that because they prefer the more orderly vantage point.

    I don’t think you’re wrong/I’m right as much as I think the argument lies in what you want out of a game’s looks. I was more in awe walking out of the sewer the first time in Oblivion, but that had quite a bit to do with that being the first open world game I’d seen. It took me a bit longer to grasp the looks of Skyrim because the game didn’t throw you into a situation right off the bat that put a huge tower off in the distance. You had to locate the eye candy in Skyrim.

    I do not have comparison screenshots to prove my point (or lack of one:) but I do have an invisible soapbox that exists on the internet, a soapbox that can be turned over for use in storing my “expertise” on gaming.

    On a side note, will you be playing Kingdoms of Amalur?

  17. AFalloutFan

    So I read through this and read pretty much every comment. I had seen Elder Scrolls played but never had the chance or ability to enjoy it until Skyrim came out. So I can’t tell you about Elder Scrolls. I have played a lot of Fallout though. I don’t think Fallout needs dragons or equivalent malevolent mutants. Here is a short list of things I think it does need.

    Different Races to pick
    New Location possibly over seas
    Dual Wielding Perk Melee and Pistols
    Enclave/ Commonwealth Playable Factions/ Storybase
    Player Vehicles? It’s been 116 years wandering the waste and no one can fix a car? Maybe a Flyer?
    Greenery and signs of returning mutated life

    I think there is lots of possibility for ideas between rebooting the time line from China’s perspective to introducing an Enclave or Commonwealth based start. You could still be a free wanderer from any of those situations.

  18. Mist... !

    At the end of the day the Creation engine will blow us away in fallout . Fallout will never dissapoint and bethesda will keep growing. But the only thing I fear is if Bethesda stops producing RPGs. Hope that day doesn’t come.

  19. swagginforrealz

    You know what be even more sick is if you could even begin the story as a member of one of the amazing factions in the fallout universe. Seriously it would be totally bad ass to be a member of something with meaning without having a stupid mod to make it come true. Honestly it would be the coolest thing ever and you could also do some sweet missions that are specifically for your faction. If that were to happen I would burn money on that for realz.

  20. Matt

    ETs already left their crap stain on the FO universe with Mothershit Zeta. I never want to see them again.

    I think Fallout: Hawaii has possibilities. All islands; not just one. Maybe even with a defunct cruise ship in the sea you can explore.

  21. Mads Søndergaard

    Also, they could learn that Fallout’s always memorable characters is one of the strong points of the franchise, contra Elder Scrolls immersive scenery.
    So as long as they keep the former, I don’t mind them making an attempt at creating a more immersive scenery – as long as the post-apocalyptic feel of things isn’t sacrificed in the name of waving flora.

  22. zann taggerung

    i don’t think that fallout would really be good anywhere but usa just because that’s like part of the whole theme of the game ya know? i always thought itd be cool if they made the next fallout in Chicago or something and if they made the melee weapons more like skyrims melee weapons just my two cents either way im sure we’ll all be pleased at what bethesda has to offer with the next fallout i daydream about it sometimes. like imagine being able to behead someone in fallout by using vats with a melee weapon or like doing a cool cinematic move if you were close to someone with a gun. tis be quite interesting and satisfying if you ask me

  23. Jordan

    they should place the game somewhere cold, Maine, Vermont, or Alaska would be cool. They could add a Freeze meter as well as the hunger, thirst, Radiation meters. They could make it harder to walk in Heavy snow and you could Mod your Armor with your clothes to make them “winterized” giving you a resistance to snow.


    Put the the game in a state with lots of Forests, close enough to a major city to get radiation damage from the war but not be totally destroyed. Connecticut or Pennsylvania maybe.

    They should not do it outside the USA because the way they make fun of American 1950’s Culture is too good to lose.

  24. Jordan

    Also the MOST important thing that the fallout series needs is something similar to The Elder Scrolls Guilds. One main story with 10 or so short side quests is just not enough.

  25. Cheese Thief

    You have to look at it as if you were in the developers shoes, would you really want to make a whole new nature themed lush forest world after already spending years developing one.

    I think they might just do the opposite and create a wasteland city like we’ve never seen, how great would it be if the entire game was like downtown DC, without all the invisible walls and subways, (which would be there but would be more like the caves in Fo3 rather then essential travel methods) Huge broken buildings to explore, and countless ghouls and mutants around every street corner.

  26. zsull

    the fallout: Indiana was a good idea. Indiana would create a large area for them to create an open world and experament in different landscapes. I would rather like to see a snow place such as Fallout: Alaska or something in that nature. Through in a few Russians and create something like a snow deathclaw and there are a lot of things that could be done. I would also like to see something like Fallout: Louisiana. There you get a lot of little towns and big ones to such as Baton Rouge or New Orleans. It would be like two New Vegas’s. Plus Louisiana has an landscape like nowhere else. Bethesda could honestly go anywhere with the fallout series and not have a problem. but i believe these two locations would allow them to create a lot of new perks and problems for players to adept to.

  27. Zackie-Son

    I’m thinking st. Louis seeing the arch and cardinal bush stadium would be sweet and also some small towns located around it

  28. Brandon

    While the last 3 of those four ideas are fantastic and should defenitely be added, I don’t agree much with the Fallout: Indiana idea. My reason is because New Vegas was the way it was because Mr. House himself directly intervened and stopped 69 or so nukes from hitting the area. If it wasn’t for him, the area would still look like shit, same as the rest of the world.

    As for the midwest setting, it would still be desolate like everywhere else. The reason is because after the Great War, all the fallout from the many nuclear explosions was carried high into the atmosphere and then fell to the Earth as a black soot-like rain that fell for a week straight, in turn killing everything else that had survived (hence the name The Wasteland). So while some eye-candy wouldn’t hurt at all, it wouldn’t be very much at any given time. And the Commonwealth would be pretty neat to check out, but they could just make it explorable in an add-on, to preserve the mystery surrounding the place.

    One idea that I would love to see in the next game would be a co-op option. It would beyond awesome to explore the wasteland with a friend. I’d also like to see the Core Region (the area from Fallout and Fallout 2) in the newer game engine. Oh

  29. Reeber

    I think Minnesota could be a great location, think about it, Minnesota has fields, forests, and lakes. its the land of 10,000 lakes. So lets say that there’s a lake that survived the radiation, and that lake is being fought over. not to mention that the many rivers and streams create a whole new area for vehicles. cars and planes could be tough to make in a post apocalyptic world, but how hard is a river raft or boat? Minnesota has some of the weirdest and most unpredictable weather as well. heavy snow and blizzards, blistering heat and humidity, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flash floods make it a gamers dream and a developer’s nightmare. haha. Minnesota has two large cities on the Mississippi river, the largest in the US surrounded by farmland and suburbs alike. Even Duluth works, with the big city feel and the small town look not to mention ports on lake superior. put it in late fall or early spring so there is still snow but warm enough to make ice navigable but dangerous. imagine being near the Canadian border, say the Canadians were not involved in the apocalypse and have since quarantined the once powerful USA. a stretch but an interesting turn to see a militarized US-Canada border. obviously it’s all speculation but Minnesota has one of the most diverse ranges of nature and civilization. wetlands, forests, farmland, urban centers, iron mines, and the weather make it a very interesting place

  30. Matt

    The beauty of Fallout 3 was in its destruction and felled buildings. I don’t want to see another New Vegas simply because of the lack of destruction. I want a Fallout 4 with more decaying buildings, and maybe even some buildings leaning on others which you can walk on. Take the Akira manga (vol. 4-6) as an amazing example.

  31. Steve from Rockford

    Chicago and the surrounding area could work, you have a big city and a variety of different land types close by. Gary could also be included… expansions could include nearby areas. It would also be interesting to have the Great Lakes at play.

  32. Delta 40

    I read someone else’s predictions and i agree with them that New York, although overused as of late, would be a good setting if Bethesda can pull it off. Especially if they arrange it like FO3’s map with a large low-populated wilderness area and then a portion of the map as a city. Only BIGGER. A LARGE city are with lots of buildings, subway tunnels and alleyways, and a larger map in general.

    Personally i’m hoping for greater focus on survival gameplay. If you find a gun, you should keep it and look after it. Maybe a bigger focus on melee combat and certainly a cover system, insted of relying on your clothing to stop the bullets. And how about a revised inventory? A real, physical backpack for your stuff and the ability to carry like 5 weapons ON yourself (like Red Dead Redemption or Mass Effect).

    Or… Make that a different mode. In NV we had casual and hardcore modes, why not have another mode in between that requires more than just bullets and stimpacks, and isn’t TOO hardcore?

    But this new upcoming game “I Am Alive” is probably just what i’m thinking about. I’m sure whatever Bethesda gives us will be great, this will be their last Fallout after all. Let’s hope they go out with a huge mother f*cking BANG, especially after the masterclass that was Skyrim.

  33. Delta 40

    And co-op! maybe an entirely differet mode that’s like Warcraft, lots of players in teams together, taking over buildings, finding loot and camping out. Or raiding places and doing quests while joining orfighting other players.

    Imagine it, sitting round a campfire with your friends, when there’s a noise, then suddenly gunfire, and you find yourself firing into darkness or knife-fighting some other players that want to steal your stuff.

    There could be different styles to model your faction (group of friends) on, like raiders, mercenaries, caravaneers, or existing in-game factions like the Brotherhood. And depending on what type of group you want to be, you get different group specific missions e.g: caravaneers defend a caravan going from town to town, while raiders have to take it. All optional of course, and set by the faction leader or automatically. All this within a big world where lots of other stuff is happening.

    I’m probably just blathering on about this game that’s barely been confirmed, but to be honest i’m pretty f*cking stoked. I’ve got so many ideas for upcoming games, just like this. Don’t even get me started with Far Cry 3…

  34. Luis

    This whole idea of beauty is stupid. Name a place that would look good after it had been hit with multiple nukes. The three main things that I loved about fallout 3 were this. Firstly, The 40’s Americana theme, living in England, I don’t know what specific parts of America are like however i feel that the best way to portray the Americana theme is to for fallout to be set in a big city, with surrounding suburbs. Secondly, the horror aspect, delving in to the metro or an old factory was genuinely scary, which is hard to achieve in a game, and I don’t feel that being set in a place that meant to look nice would manage it. That brings me on to my final point which is that fallout 3 was a difficult game (assuming you didn’t play it on easy) and it really felt like a survival game whereas New Vegas felt like a western, and not a good one t that, and so I loved that I really had to think about when was best to use my stimpaks, ammo, ect. I think that the only thing that can be learned from New Vegas is the combat and the fact you could customise your weapons.

    As for new features all I have is this: Instead of a hardcore mode have a realistic mode, optional of course, meaning that it would only take one well placed shot, or a few not so well placed shots to kill you, obviously you have to eat and drink, when you go without sleep for 30 hours the screen becomes blurred when you move and its hard to aim. And many more features that would give a more realistic experience. The twist from hardcore mode is that all these things would also apply to your enemies.

    Finally the features from skyrim that should be taken are: Dual weilding and the world that seems to be alive.

  35. moses5885

    I agree with Luis for the even harder mode for fallout. We still need the option for the lesser player (me) to be able to play it like a video game instead of real life. i like to be immersed into games but dieing every two seconds is a little much.

    I think that Chicago and surrounding areas would be perfect for a game like this. There are recognizable areas and the whole 40’s theme would be great because the mob, alcohol, broadway shows, old time baseball stadiums, all the other Chicago BS…etc would be awesome. Going out into the suburbs (farms at that time) would really show some cool things and transitions between big city and rural. Also can you say Tommy gun?

  36. Steve from Rockford

    “I think that Chicago and surrounding areas would be perfect for a game like this. There are recognizable areas and the whole 40′s theme would be great because the mob, alcohol, broadway shows, old time baseball stadiums, all the other Chicago BS…etc would be awesome. Going out into the suburbs (farms at that time) would really show some cool things and transitions between big city and rural. Also can you say Tommy gun?”

    Thing is, the Nuclear War did not happen until the not so distant future… so those areas would very much be the Suburbs. The Reality of the situation is that Chicago, Rockford, Aurora and the rest of the Suburbs are eventually just going to grow into each other… if we last that long. But for purposes of the game you can keep the rural areas that are only a hour to two hour drive away.

  37. Steve from Rockford

    “Firstly, The 40′s Americana theme, living in England, I don’t know what specific parts of America are like however i feel that the best way to portray the Americana theme is to for fallout to be set in a big city, with surrounding suburbs”

    Well, all of our major cities have “suburbs”, heck even our mid size cities do too. Its the same thing over in England for the most part. I spend a semester in London and went all over the place… we are far more similar then we are different. Obviously that makes sense considering our culture is based primarily on yours with various other influences, Germanic in the midwest, Latin American in the South etc etc

  38. Ethan Moses

    You know, what about Hawaii? We’d get an even split between wasteland and mutated jungle and also have coconut armor at our finger tips!

  39. Mike

    The best thing about fallout 3 for me was that it felt like a wasteland that had been hit by nukes, fallout new vegas however I thought felt more like a desert. There was no destroyed city the only big settlement was up and running and showed no signs of the war.
    The game should not be beautiful, it should be a wasteland where the beauty is in the destruction.
    I do agree that it would be great to choose a ‘race’ like the elder scrolls.

  40. Dr_Hatfield

    I would totally agree with somewhere in the midwest, Wright-Patt Air Force base in ohio is one of the largest in the nation, and is supposedly where the specimens of the Roswell incident were taken.
    But, i digress. The next fallout game will probably not take place anywhere near the midwest, seeing as the major factions (BoS, NCR, Enclave, and Caesar’s Legion) are based farther west. Probable locations would be the west coast, Navarro, New Reno, Vault City, Necropolis, or one of the other regions previously visited/mentioned in the games. Theres also a slight possibility of revisiting the Mojave wasteland, due to comments from interviews with Chris Avellone.

  41. alexandria

    the fallout series is far from done, lol FO3 was a huge success just like skyrim was and all other beyhesda games, pete hines said they bought the franchise to work on it and deveolop it and to do more than one, so to the guy who saud FO is done…hardly…also post apocalyptic type games are really popular right now and most likely FO3 has been in development for a while and my guess is it iwll be announced this year and prob come out in late 2013…oblivion was released in 2006, FO3 in late 2008, skyrim in 2011 so i can’t see bethesda going past 2013 for FO4, there’s too many other games coming out that are post apocalyptic for them to just sit back and not have a game.

  42. Richard

    I dont understand why people think this will be the last fallout game made by bethseda, they have won the rights to it and can make as many fallout games as they wish now. Also, I hope the new game is on a next gen console to get the most out of the ‘updated’ engine. And as far as he setting goes id like to see a oversees setting, maybe london, or it would be great to fight the russians from an onclave or brotherhood point of view, afterall they were at the heart of the great war.

  43. Myrdhin

    Having played Skyrim first and going back to pick up FO3, a few of the things I hope they’ll adopt for the next Fallout release are:
    – The ability to scale large piles of debris. In Skyrim, you can climb just about any mountain with enough persistence, which makes it slightly frustrating to play in a game where there are so many dead-end streets and convoluted routes.
    – Gorgeous glowing skies and landscapes. Yes, I get that it’s desolate, but there is a lot to be said for some appropriate aesthetic improvements.
    – Terminating conversations at any point without having to explicitly say goodbye.
    – Dual-weilding pistols, at least.
    As far as setting, I would propose San Francisco. So many awesome landmarks there to “admire,” including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Presidio, Chinatown…pretty diverse landscapes, lots of water, lots of hills…that would be an awesome area to explore.

  44. poopsmacgee

    I think that San Francisco would be perfect. Alcatraz sounds like a brilliant idea for a final battle.

  45. Potato Thief

    Set at a later date where some regrowth has occured, large citys, plenty of buildings to explore and subways, more creatures, different palyable races, more weapons, harder hardcore mode, use mods to make skyrims dragons able to fly aorund :D

    I would be surprised ifanyone read thsi far, I did but I am procastinating an esay :D

  46. Tom

    Finally, someone who thinks like me! I think Bethesda need to plan Fallout 4 so that they can re-use the engine for TES6, but I’m sick to death with deserts! Skyrim is much better in that there are far more landmarks, from small caves to towns or just encampments. Fallout needs to do this, in FO3 there were only like 20 markers on the map. Also Skyrim has them much more detailed, around every corner is some dumped cabbage or a sword someone dropped, Fallout needs more loot and more reason to see everything!

  47. Nick

    Good article, but I must say I disagree with your assumption that that dragon will be able to beat the mammoth. I have a good amount of experience in this topic, mainly due to a showdown that happened at that same place the picture was taken in, if I’m correct. I was just a newbie, and almost shit my pants when I encountered a random dragon. Thankfully, while fleeing, I ran past a mammoth, and seeing the two fight was truly a sight to behold (not really, they just stood next to each other and did the same, monotonous attacks repeatedly). However, the mammoth did come out on top, though it did receive some minor help from my half-assed bow shooting, though that didn’t do much damage.

  48. The_Killah29

    I love the random alien abduction part, I would have never thought about that. LOL
    What I’d like to see is that we can pick if we are a Ghoul, Super Mutant, Nightkin, or some other mutation as my race besides being a human, or being offered to be mutated into one of them during the game like how you can turn into a Vampire or Werewolf in Skyrim. It could affect you by giving you a different/additional set of abilities and you could be subjected to different predjudices that affect how you go about doing quests/getting into different places.

    How does that sound to everyone?

  49. Gabe

    There was already had a Fallout in the Midwest. Fallout Tactics. It’s in control of a fascist splinter Brotherhood of Steel.
    Inquisitors, re-education camps, work camps, internment camps, destroying religions, denying food to starving people, harshly punishing the innocent family and friends of those who wronged them, rescuing a mayor from people intending to use him as a Puppet leader, then using him as the BOS’s puppet leader. And forcing other settlements to provide them with food and thier best and brightest as recruits in exchange for “protection.” It was pretty awesome

  50. Sam

    I hope that apart from graphics and detail, Skyrim doesn’t mean anything for fallout 4. They are two seperate games from differant franchises with completely differant plots, settings and feels to them. I don’t want fallout to become like the elder scrolls, I enjoyed searching through barren wastelands where the beauty was in the emptyness and the buildings. I don’t think it should be a beautyful game in that way it should be harsh and unforgiving with more ruins than in fallout new vegas with more places to explore. I would like to see a less civilised sociaty like in fallout 3 where each settlement fended for themselves and was nearly compleatly unconnected with the rest of the wasteland. I did like the multiple endings in fallout new vegas but thought the setting and plot in fallout 3 was better. That being said however I don’t want another fallout 3, if I wan’t to play fallout 3 I will play it so I would like them to try new things but not make the game into the elder scrolls or a differant already made game.

    Sorry about the parragraph that basicly said I want it to be origional but it has made me feel better letting it all out.

  51. Charles Bickley

    i think New York City would be awesome for the setting. The Statue of Liberty would make an amazing place to have the final battle.

  52. Sam Southerland

    IDEA- “Flying deathclaws” Government experiments gone wrong, escaped from labs after Nuclear holocaust and leaked outside to mutate with wings.

  53. Ben

    How about basing the next fallout on the pc game. DayZ. You an do you missions as before, however, its survival remember so throw a mmorpg into the mix and that sounds great. It would be a community. How will people react when u have one tin of beans left to eat. See another player who has nothing. Do you share them? Or kill him and know you have a full can. But, be quick, because he is starving and will kill you in an instant. It will be like world of wR craft but survjival with stress etc. just a thought anyway lol

  54. MatthewFO4

    It would be awesome if they made a FO game that takes place in Scandinavia.
    They should be talking english ofc’s.

  55. TATTY BOY UK 96

    I love peoples ideas on here although I think chicago would be great what about, London, think about it there’s the great british countryside sourounding, the river tems to split london, plus places like big ben, bukingham palce and the london eye wouldbe cool, although if not that’s cool I can just see hoe it would work, and races, cool idea id love to be a super mutant for a change, beign able to change how your story starts would be good and make every action carry a conciquence good or bad, meaning yes rpg lovers :) no 2 storys are the same ever unleess of course you do them withe exactly same choices

  56. pinmemo

    I think it’s pretty much possible for FO4 to have beautiful scenery…

    provided that the event in the game takes place a couple hundred years from the New Vegas event like that in Skyrim where the old games events are pretty much ‘folklore’ and ‘legends’ in the new ones.

    Same thing could happen with the next Fallout, we’d see a lot of society and social order emerge but not as much developed and the world is being restored with the help from other GECKs and so on

  57. Lobobster

    Dudes, go to the friggin’ botanical gardens if you want to see something beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tundra, forests, and swamps of Skyrim, but that’s because it’s immersive to the atmosphere.

    Fallout is post-apocalyptic, it’s okay if there is little plant life and crap everwhere. I loved the landscapes, the crumbling buildings, and barren capital wasteland of FO3. It was beautiful.

    If they choose to make FO4 lush with new species and mutated plants, so be it. But, I’ll enjoys me some austere, dead environments.

  58. Rodney Myers

    I live in Indiana, it would be cool to see my home in a wasteland. Sort of…

  59. ethan booth

    they should make fallout 4 multiplayer for so people could battle teams or chat while exploring the wastes or just fight each other or trade and add a split screen option for people offline

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