E3 2010: EA Press Conference

EA E3 Press Conference
I’d go as far to say that EA had the most professional conference of the day. It wasn’t overproduced or overly cheesy. They came out and focused on “10 games by 10 great producers,” and let the games and the people behind them speak for themselves.

  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Criterion takes this racing series back to its roots and infuses some of their Burnout flavor at the same time. Full careers for cops and racers with a robust Auto Log to connect with and trash talk your friends. Out Nov 16 (Live Demo)
  • Dead Space 2 – The sequel to my favorite game of 2008 looks to be fulfilling its promise of faster action without sacrificing the terror of the original. Not for the queasy. (Live Demo)
  • Medal of Honor – They aren’t pulling punches here, describing this game as a “modern war experience” going toe-to-toe with that other “modern war experience” on the market. Live demo showed 24-player multiplayer demo developed by DICE (Battlefield). Arrives Oct 12, 2010
  • EA Gun Club – Rewards program for EA action games. Exclusive news, events, game demo access, in-game weapons. Example – Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta is out June 21st, but Bad Company 2 VIP members can play June 17th.
  • Bad Company: Vietnam – Teaser trailer revealed for DLC Expansion Pack coming Winter 2010
  • EA Sports MMA – New franchise for EA Sports that focuses on consistency and timing vs complex controls. Introduces EA Sports Live Broadcast where gamers can talk smack before matches that have live announcers and can be watched online on the web and via the console. Emphasis on making a name for yourself. Game is out Oct 29. (Trailer and Info)
  • EA Sports Active 2 – Available Nov 16th for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, EA’s fitness game includes a heart rate monitor and the ability to track your progress online to share with friends.
  • Madden NFL 11 – Simpler, quicker, deeper. EA is looking to make Madden more accessible by simplfying play calling utilizing their new Gameflow system that makes intuitive play recommendations. They brought out Joe Montana to discuss how the system is similar to what a quarterback deals with on the field. (Gameplay Demo)
  • The Sims 3 – Umm, the Sims 3 is coming to consoles. Next.
  • Crysis 2 – The futuristic sandbox shooter is coming to consoles, and the graphics look stunning. It’s also in 3D on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. (Gameplay Demo)
  • Bulletstorm – Everyone expected to be blown away by action in Bulletstorm, but I’m not sure we were expecting the barrage of one liners that are as in-your-face as the exploding body parts. Most dick references I’ve ever heard in one trailer. (Gameplay Demo)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – As excited as I am about this game’s potential, they have to stop showing pre-rendered video as the means to promote it. What we do know now is that each player will have their own starship in the game that acts as their home, and their will be PvP.

Arbitrary rating – 47 fake tattoos

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