E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Not surprisingly, a majority of Microsoft’s conference focused on Kinect (previously known as Project Natal) which gave the show a very Wii vibe to it. The entire show featured experiences exclusive to the console, and still managed to be a very strong lineup. In the end, they closed with a very well kept reveal of a revised Xbox 360 console design that goes on sale, this week!

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – All COD DLC will becoming out for the Xbox 360 first through 2012
  • Metal Gear Solid Rising – Very slick gameplay trailer highlighting Raiden’s sword skills vs enemies and watermelons. (Trailer)
  • Gears of War 3 – Live demo of 4 player co-op campaign that showed some downright intimidating mutated Lambent foes. They will be demoing a new multiplayer mode this week called Beast, but no details were given. (Gameplay Demo)
  • Fable III – I zone out when Peter Molyneux talks, but Fable III art style looks improved and the game urges you to start a revolution. Arrives Oct 26th. (Trailer)
  • Codename: Kingdoms – A Gladiator looking teaser trailer that revealed nothing other than that Microsoft is working with Crytek on an exclusive game. (Info and Screenshot)
  • Halo: Reach – Single player campaign demo that reveals space combat as a new feature to the series. This game is looking sharp. Arrives Sept 14th.  (Trailer)
  • ESPN – Sportscenter personalities come out to discuss exclusive deal to deliver ESPN content to Xbox Live Gold members at no additional charge. Live and on-demand content is promised with social integration for voting for your favorite teams, replays, and trivia.
  • Kinect – Officially demoed. Impressive controller free motion and voice based navigation integrated into the Xbox 360 menus. Video conferencing was also demonstrated. Launches Nov 4. (All Kinect Videos)
  • Kinectimals – Once you got over how creepy it was, watching a little girl play with her virtual tiger pet, Skittles, became one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Kids and girlfriends now want to play your Xbox. (Live Demo)
  • Kinect Sports / Adventures / Joy Ride – De facto group party motion controlled games. Very Wii-esque except much better graphics.
  • Your Shape – Ubisoft’s fitness game for Kinect. Has the potential to be a lot more involved than Wii Fit, but very similar.
  • Dance Central – Harmonix adds to the 3rd party support for Kinect by debuting their dancing game. Skeptical on the demo, but I’ll trust Harmonix on this one. Your girlfriend wants her own Xbox. (Trailer)
  • Kinect Star Wars – Lightsabers were expected, but seeing the use of motion controlled force powers made me want to try it myself.
  • Kinect Forza – Driving simulator using Kinect controls. Not sold on driving a car without something in my hands. Graphics are great though.
  • Xbox 360 Redesign – New smaller design, quieter, 250 GB hard drive, integrated WiFi, Kinect ready, out this week, $299 (Photos). Old Xboxes are being phased out, dropped in price. Old Xboxes will support Kinect, but Kinect will need a separate power supply.

Arbitrary rating – 8 1/2 core gamers

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