24HCGC Video Highlights Part 2: Good Intentions and Good Music

Each day this week, I will be revisiting A Call to Gamers 1st 24 Hour Charity Gaming Challenge (24HCGC) for Child’s Play through our video highlights currently available on our Twitch.tv channel. We started a 24 hour video game marathon for Child’s Play on the night of October 14th, and livestreamed as much of the action as possible from NetHeads in Carmel, IN. Our core team of 6 gamers along with friends and family met up to begin 24 hours of gaming after being up for 12 hours already.

Super Dodge Ball

How hard is it to catch a ball?

Now that the formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get to some games! The night started off a lot of diversity in our gaming selection complete with plenty of sarcastic commentary. We were all so light hearted before Horde mode…

Coop and Cole dove right on into one of their recent favorites, Crysis 2, as the cameras went live. The rest of the team was confirming the schedule and trying to figure out exactly what types of shots and audio we could capture from our play sessions. The commentary picks up a bit more as Alex and Ethan dive into the depths of Minecraft. Our Minecraft server was open for the entirety of the marathon and was one of the bigger successes of the event

Once we got our gear in order, the games were moving a lot faster and competitions started opening up. First up, Benji, Cole, Josh, and myself engaged in Mortal Kombat and you’ll have to tell us if our fighting technique was worse than our attempt at e-sports commentary. Then, I went a bit retro to teach Cole the finer points of Ice Hockey before Casey redeemed Cole’s honor by completing schooling me in Super Dodge Ball.

In a slight change of pace from the pure video game action, Coop offered up a unique game related challenge. He was going to see what kind of chiptunes song he could compose in one hours time. I took a moment to interview him as he prepared to melt our faces.

A man of his word, Coop delivered on his promise and debuted “Are You Asking for a Challenge” with our resident music critic, Cole.

Next Up

Horde mode. The highlights, and the many many lowlights.