REPLY TO ALL: GTA V Reveal Trailer

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most influential series in video game history so when the reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto V hit last week, it definitely sparked a few conversations on and off of our website. We captured ours for this week’s #RE2ALL topic and would love to hear from you in the comments you that the dust has settled a bit. What did we think of the trailer right after its release? Read on to find out:

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JP (JPizzle151)

First, I am extremely pleased to see a return to San Andreas. It’s not surprising that a reveal trailer would not show much in terms of story and gameplay. My knee jerk feeling is that the protagonist is a true mobster, but I’m sure more details will come at future trade shows. My biggest hope is for the return of RPG elements and the drug dealing mechanic of Chinatown Wars needs to be included as well. My biggest complaint is the logo. I know what the Roman numeral V means.

Grand Theft Auto V Logo

You're so money.

Josh (joshleetdotcom)

Finally, we can play golf inside GTA.

Justin L (JDevL)

And you can be Tiger Woods inside GTA. Zing!

I was shocked! Shocked! By how identical the trailer felt to the GTA IV reveal. Wow, I guess I’m already back to my old skeptical self when it comes to GTA games. I’ve come a long way in my support for Rockstar’s products, but although this was a solid reveal and I prefer the level of detail in this trailer compared to most teasers or first trailers, it just didn’t do anything for me. I was left with the overwhelming feeling of “yep, another GTA game.” So I’ll need to wait and see what makes this game different from GTA IV because if it’s just building off of that one, then I’ll stick with my Saints Row and Just Cause until Red Dead Redemption 2.

Brandon (H21)

Oh man. I can’t wait for the 5th installment of Grand Theft Auto V! Wait. Oh sorry. It’s just Grand Theft Auto V (or five). Seriously, I’m with JP on this one, what is with the five rolling across the logo.

I’m also disappointed. Why not a crossover? I would have liked to see GTA in Silent Hill or Raccoon City! That’s when things would get interesting to me.

In all seriousness, I won’t be buying it. I can tell you that from day one. I’ve played GTA games in the past, and honestly, I never really enjoyed them. I don’t foresee myself picking it up. I guess a hater is going to hate – or something.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I own every GTA game up through Vice City. San Andreas was when I first got bored with the franchise. I just think they were on to something when they released Red Dead, and LA Noire. Similiar in style, but different enough to give a fresh spin on their style of game. That trailer is just a step back and isn’t doing any good towards making me a GTA fan again.

Justin L

Too soon then? I think GTA has to continue to exist and evolve. But maybe once per console generation is enough unless they take it in a new direction.


I think they just need to take it somewhere else. Make up some story in Europe or Japan. Move it to a different time period. Almost anything to get it away from the gangsters in NY or CA where everyone just ends up picking up hookers and buying strip clubs.


Take that shit into the future. I want to jack flying cars and shoot lasers. I don’t want to just be an asshole, I want to be a SPACE ASSHOLE. (and pick up green hookers)

Saints Row: The Third

Maybe the Saints should go to space?

Justin G (GiffTor)

I expected to be excited. I’m not. Probably comparing it to Batman.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

They should of named the game “Grand Theft Ethan Doesn’t Give a F***” because I don’t (though such a title would probably confuse and alienate fans). That jerkoff is the master of his own destiny so if he wants to be a dad, be a freaking dad! I just think making excuses for committing crimes is like trying to validate an inappropriate erection; obviously it was going to happen anyway, don’t act like you didn’t see it coming (PUN!). Also, I think the game is going to be racist because I did not see a single Native American or individual of Asian decent in that trailer. Very 1960’s of you Rockstar. Finally, golf is the crappiest sport ever, why can’t people play pick up games of football or just challenge each other to a friendly freestyle wrestling match? Occupy Wallstreet indeed.

Justin L

So why the hype? For those expecting to be excited, what did it need to the trailer need to do? Or better yet what would the “Space Asshole Ethan and the Green Hookers of Space” trailer do better?


I don’t think I expected to be excited, but I expected different. I expected the series to take some sort of turn or make some change. I didn’t see that from this trailer. It looked like the last 3 installments.

I think to best explain it, I was expecting the huge change that was scene from before to post Vice City.


A 60 year-old Tommy Vercetti protagonist would have been compelling to me, or some sort of crossover like Brandon mentioned. Basically, a really interesting story is the only thing that could draw me back to GTA, since I now get my Asshole Simulator fix via Saints Row. Or maybe, just maybe, if they announce full story co-op, I’ll jump back on board.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Vice City still has some fans.

Justin L

I feel kinda suckered in again. I’m with Brandon, I wanted and expected different, but I should have known better. Why would they mess with their formula at this point? Holding out hope that they announce some new wrinkles soon.

Co-op Asshole Simulator. I’m in.


It looks like I have to ride in and defend GTA to the death. You bastards all want to compare apples to oranges. Saints Row exists because of GTA. They decided to separate themselves by being over the top. Yes Rockstar has evolved over the years and RDR was a fantastic game. Rockstar has also had extremely fun elements in the GTA games that did not move forward, and yes IV was a little disappointing. We also need to understand that at this point GTA might be a classic franchise. The game will never allow you to beat people with a purple dildo, but GTA will have a very complex story because that is what Rockstar does. There are so many open world games today that everyone wants GTA to be something it’s not. We need to be able to differentiate one sandbox from another. Yes GTA is not Arkham, but Arkham exists BECAUSE of GTA. I am beginning to think that Rockstar’s last few games have done so well, and now the community is wanting a huge pot of gold from this groundbreaking franchise. There seems to be a lot of revisionist history these days when we talk GTA, or you’re holding on to the crazy moments you remember from your first time because they were never seen before that moment.


Full story co-op might actually be what it takes to pull me back in. I’ll play almost anything if it has co-op.

Justin L

I still think it’s pretty rad that your ancestors saw that coming, Coop. I’m still trying to figure out what mine were doing when they took on the name, Lacey…. Don’t answer that.

Rob (Robeque)

Playing coop with Coop does have come with a sense of “meant-to-be”. Justin, I think you were supposed to make hard drives or something.

I finally just had a chance to give this trailer a watch. Yeah… it’s GTA. Honestly, though… that’s enough for me… and I’m sure it’s enough for a lot of people. Whether or not I buy it straight out of the gate is really just going to depend on what my queue is looking like and else is out at the time. It’s for certain that I’ll be playing this at some point. I really didn’t expect any big changes with this series. If you want to take it back in time, maybe give it a wild west feel… I think you should call it Red Dead Redemption. If you want to be a space asshole you call it something different. This is GTA… though I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit of a change in scenery, I’m glad it’s at least back on the other coast (I think) and not back in Liberty City again. If they hadn’t wasted the Asian vibe on Chinatown Wars, this would have been a good time for it.

Grand Theft Auto V Bikes

Definitely still GTA

Either way… I’m excited for it. I’m not 2002-oh-shit-Vice-City-looks-awesome! excited, but I’m looking forward to some more GTA. I might be imagining things, but I think the graphics look a little better, too. Like they did something more with depth of field and smoothed it out a little.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

I think what people want is something different. Red Dead Redemption was just that. Though it was the same type of game, it was a different setting which made all the difference in the world to me. Yeah the story was great in RDR but it slowly built to its fantastic conclusion. Am I willing to sit through the same tired gameplay that Rockstar keeps putting out there in order to get through a great story? Right now I’d have to say no. But before GTA 4 was released I wasn’t to enthused about it either until closer to release date. My mind might be changed by then but I’m not sure.

I think games with multiple sequels risk people growing tired of them, just like how we seemingly are of the Grand Theft Auto Series. I’m no longer interested in Call of Duty because of the staleness that the series has perfected. I don’t think any change in scenery or time period will make GTA any fresher. That can be said about a lot of games and yet people still buy them. It’s one of those things that gamers will always complain about (the lack of new IPs) and yet still be the first ones in line at the midnight launch.


We are comparing apples and oranges because Rockstar used to make apples, and they were delicious. But now they make oranges, which are less delicious, and we are holding out hope that they go back to making delicious apples again. In the mean time, Volition is making apples that taste remarkable like Rockstar’s old apples, but with a coating of candy and crack.

7 years ago San Andreas DID let me beat people to death with a purple dildo, and frankly that was a shit-ton of fun. If they want to take the franchise in a different direction, though, that’s fine. In the mean time, I’ll take a pass.


Also… full story co-op in GTA would be amazing. I’m all for that, though I do think it might be a tough thing to pull off. They could at least have a shorter, side story to be played in co-op. Have any of you guys ever gotten into the GTA multiplayer stuff? I’ve had some hilarious and awesome times playing cops and crooks, doing races, and just dicking around with friends.

James (Copperskull)

I think the graphics in this game look too much like The Sims. Honestly, if I pulled my character out of Sims 3 and dropped him in the trailer, I think he would fit in way too well. I played a ton of GTA3; I actually bought Vice City and never finished it; I haven’t played a GTA since. I really doubt this one will change my streak. I did, however, love every second of Red Dead Redemption, and I thought L.A. Noire was good.

Red Dead Redemptoin

If only John could time travel.


Red Dead is incredible, and L.A. Noire is unique and entertaining. Them games is them games… GTA is … GTA. I guess if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. If you don’t like Zelda games you’re not too excited about Skyward Sword, either. It’s just another game in what’s become a long running series. I for one am looking forward to it, though I definitely welcome some new franchises to add some variety along with Red Dead and Noire.


I guess I don’t buy that certain games wouldn’t exist without GTA. Sure, GTA may have set the tone, but is the game becoming just like Call of Duty games in that they’re all essentially the same in a lot of ways? Or is the game becoming like many Nintendo games where they’re just rehashed versions of themselves which cause gamers to lose interest?

I guess my point is we wouldn’t have any of these games today if video games never happened or Super Mario or some other early game never happened. I just think, for me, GTA needs to change-up its formula to get me interested.


It seems like everyone who has been bored with GTA for a while wants a big change to bring them back in, while fans of the game love it for what it is. That sounds a lot like CoD to me, and Rockstar seems to be sticking to their formula that keeps bringing them bank. Rob made a point that it is what it is and that’s why people play it. I started thinking about that and it makes sense. Take Gears of War for instance. Obviously the franchise hasn’t been around for as long, but really nothing much has changed from game to game yet I still love it and would probably buy the next 3 Gears games if they were planning on producing them. I just don’t have that love for GTA. That puts developers in an interesting position because they’ll have to balance giving its loyal fans exactly what they want with trying to do something different for those of us who need more. I’m sure Rockstar doesn’t care about me at all because the truth is I’m not a huge fan of open world games anyway. Red Dead was actually one of the first that I’ve ever played from start to finish. It had that special something I needed to keep me interested that GTA obviously didn’t. I guess I’m just a hater because it’s one of those games I wish I enjoyed, but don’t.


They tried to change it up a little when they did San Andreas… which is the only one of the newer GTAs (3+) that I never finished. There was something about needing to eat and work out that annoyed me and made me lose interest. It’s a small gripe and a small change, so it doesn’t seem like enough to pull someone from the series. Maybe there was something else distracting me at the time, I don’t know. I’ve thought about giving it another shot, but when the hell am I going to do that? In my mind, though, they made a tweak that didn’t really do it for me and I was glad to see that go away in the next iteration. I’m afraid that anything they would do to the series to “spice it up” could potentially ruin it for a lot of people, and I’m guessing they feel the same way.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Just a little too far there, San Andreas.


You bastards are all cynics. A lot of what I am beginning to hear is that you guys would prefer period pieces out of Rockstar. Everyone seems to like the games from Rockstar that are not set in modern times. I am also offended for Rockstar that their best series has been compared to Call of Duty … For shame.


Not at all. I was just hoping for a change to bring me to the GTA series. It’s not there based on this trailer. Based on this trailer, I can’t grasp the excitement that I’m seeing across Twitter and the Internet. It’s just not doing it for me.


I still believe that if this trailer debuted at E3 opinions may have been different. This title has higher expectations because of the success of RDR and LA Noire. Also right now is a terrible time to release a trailer. When we have all these new games in our hands featuring new tech and ideas, it makes the knee jerk opinions different. A lot of what I saw on Twitter yesterday was negative reaction, but I think this begs the question of: What should we expect out of a reveal trailer?


I have to say BioShock Infinite raised my expectations for reveal trailers. I was blown away when I saw it. It started out making you think it was another game set in Rapture and boom, the guy was thrown out a window and you see yourself in a floating city. Even though it was in a different setting it still looked like BioShock. GTA V really could’ve been a reveal trailer for new DLC for GTA IV and I wouldn’t know the difference.

BioShock Infinite

Wait, what am I doing here?


That’s a good question. What about this type of reveal would make it more appealing to you guys? There’s really no indication of the gameplay shown… not that you can’t guess what it’ll be like, but still. If there were a co-op story mode or something else about the game play that makes this iteration different, you wouldn’t see it in this trailer.


I expect very little out of a reveal trailer. This one actually showed a surprising amount. I wouldn’t expect any less out of Rockstar, though. We got a taste of the graphic fidelity (top notch), and the city looked fairly alive which is always a worry with these games.

I’m just not excited for GTA IV-2, which is what my premature, knee-jerk reaction tells me this is going to be based on a minute of early edited footage.

Justin L

Oh god, Coop is onto something. I wonder how far the game needs to be to pull of a demo style trailer a la BioShock Infinite. Giving us a quick glimpse of new tactics or gameplay elements without explanation to leave us in awe. Now I that a day has past, I think I’m just annoyed that the trailer was so damn similar to 4’s reveal. But I will say that there’s been nothing pushing Rockstar to do anything different with this series. It’ll still sell to its audience, it’ll still sell a ridiculous amount, and in that regard JP, it is their Call of Duty. Nothing wrong with that, but I think core gamers are moving on.


BioShock is pretty out there. They can pretty much do whatever they want in that series and somehow tie it in to make sense. I think it’s hard to compare that reveal to one of a game like GTA that is set in more of a “real world” place. You know… the real world… where we shoot people on the streets, shoot missiles from helicopters, steal police cars and answer radio calls, all with out consequence. But anyway, I don’t think they have the same type of creative flexibility in GTA.

Justin G

Now that I’ve spent some time thinking about it, I realized that since GTA: Vice City, I haven’t really, really enjoyed GTA. Sure, I played 4, but it’s like the Sims, with guns and a storyline. I loved L.A. Noire and Red Dead, but the more I think about it, the less likely I think I am to spend money on GTA V. Sorry, Rockstar, but Rob’s right – you don’t have the flexibility to really innovate in the GTA world (at no fault of your own) and I think the series and I are growing apart.

Grand Theft Auto V City

More surprises ahead, don't worry.


It sounds like I get dibs on the review copy.

Community Responses

Steven A – It looked pretty sweet just graphic wise. Interested to see where it goes from there. I’m sure it will be a great game because have any of those games actually sucked?
@Pixelmixer – It definitely looks significantly nicer than previous GTA games, I’m still amazed how much detail they can offer & want it


Looks like the non-GTA fans vastly outnumber the open-minded GTA fans in our crew. Of course there is still plenty of time for GTA V to surprise everyone prior to its release. Or you know, maybe GTA is just happy being GTA. Millions of fans wouldn’t have a problem with that outcome either.

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    Because I wasn’t diligent in noticing this, JP: Arkham City didn’t take anything from GTA because, despite the large map, Arkham City is a linear game, not a sandbox.

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