Horrible and Live, Twice Tonight – The Horrible Show and Modern Warfare 3

The live events keep on coming, and we have a double dose for you tonight starting at 8pm EST on our Twitch TV channel. Be sure to follow to stay posted.

The Horrible Show Live 8pm EST – Thanksgaming Feast 2011

The 2nd episode of our monthly live podcasts (the 2nd Tuesday of every month) will begin streaming tonight at 8pm EST. The Horrible Show needs your help in picking the ultimate video game feast. Join Justin, Ethan, Josh, Justin, and the giant televised head of Cole as we talk through our video game meals of choice from what game is the best choice for your holiday drive to the game you should play for dessert after you can’t move. Join us in chat and we will be posting a link where you can vote on our final list live to select the official Thanksgaming Feast for 2011.

Game Night with Copperskull ~10pm EST – Modern Warfare 3

Immediately following The Horrible Show (somewhere around 10-1030 pm) our livestream will switch over to catch up with Copperskull (James) and H21 (Brandon) as they get reacquainted with their close friend, Call of Duty as they play multiplayer on the newly released Modern Warfare 3. Jump in with Copperskull and H21 on Xbox Live or just follow along with the livestream to point out all of the headshots they miss. For those who want to get in on the action sooner, Copperskull and H21 will actually be playing on Xbox Live around 9pm prior to the end of The Horrible Show. Follow @Copperskull and @Atch21 to find out when the shooting starts.

We’ll embed the chat and video feeds here tonight starting at 8pm EST. Join us!