Bloodforge: First Cut Teaser Trailer is, well, Bloody


Imma need to cut something

Little is known exactly what Bloodforge will be about beyond it is set in a Celtic world focused on the Celtic mythos. Speaking of which, I don’t recall a game that is centered on Celtic mythos. The main character, Crom, wields a mean sword with even meaner swordsmanship while wearing a mask that was likely taken in not the most polite of ways. Needless to say, the guy looks mean and plays the part too.

What we do know, is the teaser trailer has been released for all to enjoy, and one thing is certain based on this trailer: there will be blood in Bloodforge. There, I said it. What does this teaser trailer really tell us about Bloodforge?

Decapitate. Eviscerate. Maul. Chop. Slice. Dice. Skewer. Lacerate. Pound. Cleave. Hack. Sever. Stab. Kill.

Catchy. Thanks, Climax Studios.


Giant Bomb, YouTube