Hey! Watch! Original NBA Jam Pitch to the NBA

If you were ever wondering how Midway successfully pitched the idea of NBA Jam to the NBA then you need to watch the video above. It is an interesting look at how the iconic game was created in the early 90’s as well as the technological advancements it actually made. While it looks extremely dated today, Midway employed some new and interesting ideas while using some previously used ones in games like Terminator 2 and Super High Impact Football.

NBA JamYou can definitely recognize what would become NBA Jam in its early stages of development. Some of the ideas mentioned never made it in the game and might have never been intended. First person fast break sounds cool, but I think a majority of gamers would have gotten motion sick when the player hits that 50 flip dunk. Like I said, that might not have ever been intended. It was included just to sell the NBA on granted Midway a license. I wonder what the NBA thought of the game the first time it laid its eyes on the actual NBA Jam?


Giant Bomb (image)