Dreamcast Titles on XBLA and PSN


You like it. You love it. You want some more of it.

Nine / Nine / Nineteen Ninety-Nine. What a great day to release something awesome. If you know me very well you know my memory can sometimes serve me terribly (ask my wife… she’ll tell you), but I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was always excited about console releases, but the release of the Dreamcast holds a special place in my heart. Walking in the mall and seeing the Ready 2 Rumble for the first time on the kiosk at EB Games was about what I imagine the excitement of jumping out of an airplane for the first time to be. I was like “DAAAAAAAMMMNNNNN! Look at those graphics! This is the most incredible thing I’ve EVER SEEN!!”… or something like that. It’s been a little while since I’ve fired up the old Dreamcast, but if my memory serves me correctly (……) it still looks good even by today’s standards. That system was ahead of it’s time.

Word on the streets is that we’ll soon be able to relive some of the great memories we have with the Dreamcast titles on our current consoles. “How?” you may ask? (… probably not, you’re pretty smart.) These old gems will be released digitally via Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, complete with achievements and trophies. I guess it’s in celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Dreamcast, which is as good an excuse as any. I’m not sure what all titles are in the plans to be re-released, but Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure will be the first to debut this fall (aside from REZ or Soul Calibur which are already on XBLA.)

Power Stone 2I’m hoping to see a Power Stone game and some Tennis 2k2 for starters. Playing those two games over Live (or PSN if you’re into that sort of thing)  would just be splendid. Were you a Dreamcast fan, too? What Dreamcast titles would you like to see released over XBLA or PSN?



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  1. Blue Awesome

    Dude, you hit the nail on the head with Power Stone. I got a Dreamcast in the first month they were out, but all the stores were sold out of Sonic Adventure, so I picked up PS 2 instead.

    Funny enough, I still have never played Sonic Adventure.

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