All Marathons All the Time – The Horrible Show 101911

The Horrible ShowBrandon joins Justin, Cole, and Josh for his debut podcast as the crew looks back on the recent Charity Marathon as well as the marathons from their past and future. From Zelda to Horde Mode to Uncharted 3, it looks like we aren’t sleeping anytime soon. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Josh, Brandon

00:52 – Intro and Meet H21
08:03 – Game Industry Shout-outs
18:54 – On the Spot Question
31:50 – All Marathons All the Time
36:54 – Charity Challenge Highlights
59:48 – Horde Mode…
1:15:52 – Other Marathon Games
1:23:30 – Charity Challenge Lessons
1:30:38 – Updates
1:34:54 – Threesomes of the Week

Game Industry Shout Outs:
ColeDark Souls Speed Run
Josh –  Happy Action Theater
Brandon –  Battlefield 3 “99 Problems”
Justin –  Guacamelee

Threesomes of the Week:
JoshInsanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Aliens: Infestation, Champions Online
Brandon –  The Walking Dead, Dead Island, Mass Effect 2
Justin – My Big Big Friend, Spotify vs Rdio, Dark Souls
ColeAlien Storm, Something Borrowed, Fingerprints of the Gods (Graham Hancock)

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6 Comments All Marathons All the Time – The Horrible Show 101911

  1. Stephen

    When there is a Mario Party marathon I am there. A full out 50 turn game but on the N64 because that’s when it was the best.

  2. Jon

    that dark souls run was a fresh new game so no new game plus for him >.< it was a crazy intense run.

  3. JPizzle151

    Final Fantasy XII featured a recap whenever you returned. The game provides a synopsis of what the group is up to. The is also a very deep wiki in the game. Most of the recaps talk about how Hope is a winy little bitch.

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